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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 2/2020

Inhoudsopgave (16 Artikelen)

Empirical Research

A Biopsychosocial Model of Social Media Use and Body Image Concerns, Disordered Eating, and Muscle-Building Behaviors among Adolescent Girls and Boys

Rachel F. Rodgers, Amy Slater, Chloe S. Gordon, Siân A. McLean, Hannah K. Jarman, Susan J. Paxton

Empirical Research

Eating Disorder Symptomatology in Adolescent Boys and Girls: Identifying Distinct Developmental Trajectory Classes

Margaux Verschueren, Laurence Claes, Nina Palmeroni, Annabel Bogaerts, Amarendra Gandhi, Philip Moons, Koen Luyckx

Empirical Research

Parental Phubbing and Adolescents’ Depressive Symptoms: Self-Esteem and Perceived Social Support as Moderators

Xingchao Wang, Ling Gao, Jiping Yang, Fengqing Zhao, Pengcheng Wang

Empirical Research

The Social Context and Illness Identity in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes: A Three-Wave Longitudinal Study

Koen Raymaekers, Sofie Prikken, Janne Vanhalst, Philip Moons, Eva Goossens, Leen Oris, Ilse Weets, Koen Luyckx

Empirical Research

Neighborhood Profiles and Associations with Coping Behaviors among Low-Income Youth

Jill A. Rabinowitz, Terrinieka Powell, Richard Sadler, Beth Reboussin, Kerry Green, Adam Milam, Mieka Smart, Debra Furr-Holden, Amanda Latimore, Darius Tandon

Empirical Research

Adolescents’ Future Aspirations and Expectations in the Context of a Shifting Rural Economy

Erin Hiley Sharp, Jayson Seaman, Corinna Jenkins Tucker, Karen T. Van Gundy, Cesar J. Rebellon