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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Journal of Youth and Adolescence 12/2016

Uitgave 12/2016

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08-06-2016 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 12/2016

Longitudinal Associations Between Parental Monitoring Discrepancy and Delinquency: An Application of the Latent Congruency Model

Albert J. Ksinan, Alexander T. Vazsonyi

27-01-2016 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 12/2016 Open Access

Etiological Influences on Perceptions of Parenting: A Longitudinal, Multi-Informant Twin Study

Laurie J. Hannigan, Tom A. McAdams, Robert Plomin, Thalia C. Eley

12-04-2016 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 12/2016 Open Access

Adolescent Loneliness and Social Skills: Agreement and Discrepancies Between Self-, Meta-, and Peer-Evaluations

G. M. A. Lodder, L. Goossens, R. H. J. Scholte, R. C. M. E. Engels, M. Verhagen

14-06-2016 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 12/2016

Parent–Youth Differences in Familism Values from Adolescence into Young Adulthood: Developmental Course and Links with Parent–Youth Conflict

Jenny Padilla, Susan M. McHale, Michael J. Rovine, Kimberly A. Updegraff, Adriana J. Umaña-Taylor

01-08-2016 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 12/2016

Parental Knowledge: Examining Reporter Discrepancies and Links to School Engagement Among Middle School Studies

Aryn M. Dotterer, Elizabeth Wehrspann

11-09-2015 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 12/2016

Behavioral Correlates of Prioritizing Popularity in Adolescence

Nina van den Broek, Marike H. F. Deutz, Elke A. Schoneveld, William J. Burk, Antonius H. N. Cillessen

06-10-2016 | Book Review | Uitgave 12/2016

Barbara J. Costello and Trina L. Hope: Peer Pressure, Peer Prevention: The Role of Friends in Crime and Conformity.

Routledge, New York, NY, 2016, 121 pp, ISBN: 978-1-138-95169-3
Elizabeth Davenport

05-10-2016 | Book Review | Uitgave 12/2016

Dafna Lemish: Children and Media – A Global Perspective.

Malden, MA: Wiley, 2015, 296 pp, ISBN: 978-1-118-78706-9
Megan Van Pelt

04-10-2016 | Book Review | Uitgave 12/2016

Ashley Nellis: A Return to Justice: Rethinking Our Approach to Juveniles in the System

Rowman & Littlefield, Washington, DC, 2015, 156 pp, ISBN-13: 978-1442227668
Julianne Fealey

06-10-2016 | Book Review | Uitgave 12/2016

Jennifer W. Shewmaker: Sexualized Media Messages and Our Children: Teaching Kids to be Smart Critics and Consumers

Praeger, Santa Barbara, CA, 2015, 182 pp, ISBN: 978-1-4408-3333-5
Allison Scarlott

11-10-2016 | Book Review | Uitgave 12/2016

Sheri Pickover and Heather Brown: Therapeutic Interventions for Families and Children in the Child Welfare System

Springer, New York, NY, 2016, 288 pp, ISBN-13: 978-0826122186
Lauren Jacobsen

24-10-2016 | Book Review | Uitgave 12/2016

Susan J. Terrio: Whose Child Am I?: Unaccompanied, Undocumented Children in US Immigration Custody

University of California Press, Oakland, CA, 2015, 280 pp, ISBN: 9780520281493
Jose Luis Rodriguez III

18-10-2016 | Book Review | Uitgave 12/2016

Christopher A. Mallett: The School-to-Prison Pipeline: A Comprehensive Assessment

New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company, 2016, 222pp, ISBN: 9780826194589
Amanda Mankovich

22-10-2016 | Book Review | Uitgave 12/2016

Adrienne Milner and Jomills Braddock II: Sex Segregation in Sports: Why Separate Is Not Equal

Praeger, Santa Barbara, CA, 2016, 208 pp, ISBN: 978-1-4408-3810-1
Kourtney Sappenfield

25-07-2016 | Book Review | Uitgave 12/2016

Marilyn Wedge: A Disease Called Childhood: Why ADHD Became An American Epidemic

Penguin Group, New York, NY, 2015, 250 pp, ISBN: 9781583335635
Sonja Losch

08-07-2016 | Book Review | Uitgave 12/2016

Sandra L. Stacki and Supriya Baily (Eds.): Educating Adolescent Girls Around the Globe: Challenges and Opportunities

Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, New York, NY, 2015, 307 pp, ISBN: 9781138781108
Ho Hsin Lee

01-07-2016 | Book Review | Uitgave 12/2016

Marilyn D. McShane and Michael R. Cavanaugh: Understanding Juvenile Justice and Delinquency

Praeger, Santa Barbara, California, 2016, 262 pp, ISBN: 9781440839634
Lauren Schroeder

06-10-2016 | Editorial | Uitgave 12/2016

Emerging Scholar Best Article Award, 2016

Roger J. R. Levesque

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