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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 4/2019

Uitgave 4/2019

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12-11-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019

Differences and Similarities in how Psychopathic Traits Predict Attachment Insecurity in Females and Males

Hannah C. Walsh, Sandeep Roy, Heather E. Lasslett, Craig S. Neumann

03-12-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019

Interrelations among Biologically Relevant Personality Traits, Emotion Regulation Strategies, and Clinical Symptoms

Emily R. Perkins, Karolina Sörman, Katherine A. McDermott, Christopher J. Patrick

18-01-2019 | Uitgave 4/2019

Schizotypy from the Perspective of the DSM-5 Alternative Model of Personality Traits: a Study on a Sample of 1056 Italian Adult University Students

Antonella Somma, Robert F. Krueger, Kristian E. Markon, Serena Borroni, Andrea Fossati

24-01-2019 | Uitgave 4/2019

The Explanatory Role of Basic Psychological Need Experiences in the Relation between Dependency, Self-Criticism and Psychopathology in Adolescence

Beatrijs Vandenkerckhove, Katrijn Brenning, Maarten Vansteenkiste, Patrick Luyten, Bart Soenens

28-01-2019 | Uitgave 4/2019

Emotion Sensitivity of the Error-Related Negativity in Hoarding Individuals

Peter A. Baldwin, Thomas J. Whitford, Jessica R. Grisham

01-02-2019 | Uitgave 4/2019 Open Access

Measuring Positive and Negative Affect in a School-Based Sample: A Polish Version of the PANAS-C

Monika Wróbel, Maria Finogenow, Paulina Szymańska, Jeff Laurent

26-02-2019 | Uitgave 4/2019

Cognitive Styles in Preschool-Age Children: Associations with Depression Risk and Evidence of Stability

Katherine A. Leppert, Mary-Charlotte Wasserbach, Lea R. Dougherty

08-03-2019 | Uitgave 4/2019

Sympathetic and Self-Reported Threat Reactivity in Social Anxiety: Modulation by Threat Certainty and Avoidance Behavior

Travis C. Evans, Ana M. Rodriguez, Jennifer C. Britton

20-03-2019 | Uitgave 4/2019

IQ and Academic Achievement in Children with ADHD: the Differential Effects of Specific Cognitive Functions

Catrina A. Calub, Mark D. Rapport, Lauren M. Friedman, Samuel J. Eckrich

01-05-2019 | Uitgave 4/2019

Motives for Nonsuicidal Self-Injury in Individuals with Lifetime Depressive Disorders and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Courtney N. Forbes, Matthew T. Tull, Julia R. Richmond, Alexander L. Chapman, Katherine L. Dixon-Gordon, Kim L. Gratz

17-05-2019 | Uitgave 4/2019

The Development and Validation of the Short Cyberchondria Scale (SCS)

Nataša Jokić-Begić, Una Mikac, Doris Čuržik, Claire Sangster Jokić

25-05-2019 | Uitgave 4/2019

A Psychometric Evaluation of the Revised Childhood Anxiety Sensitivity Index (CASI-R) in a Child and Adolescent Sample

Sarah E. Francis, Shannon Manley, Susan Doyle

18-06-2019 | Uitgave 4/2019

A Factor Analysis and Test of Longitudinal Measurement Invariance of the Children’s Depression Inventory (CDI) Across Adolescence

Allison Stumper, Thomas M. Olino, Lyn Y. Abramson, Lauren B. Alloy

27-06-2019 | Uitgave 4/2019

Moderated Mediation of the Link between Parent-Adolescent Conflict and Adolescent Risk-Taking: the Role of Physiological Regulation and Hostile Behavior in an Experimentally Controlled Investigation

Sarah A. Thomas, Anjali Jain, Tristan Wilson, Danielle E. Deros, Irene Jacobs, Emily J. Dunn, Amelia Aldao, Ryan Stadnik, Andres De Los Reyes

15-07-2019 | Uitgave 4/2019

Distinguishing SCT Symptoms from ADHD in Children: Internal and External Validity in Turkish Culture

Sümeyra Fırat, Hesna Gül, Ayla Aysev

16-07-2019 | Uitgave 4/2019

Psychometric Properties of the Emotion Reactivity Scale in Community Screening Assessments

Stephen Byrne, Bridget A. Makol, Lauren M. Keeley, Andres De Los Reyes

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