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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 1/2022
Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Uitgave 1/2022

What are the Underlying Physiological Components of Child Psychopathy and Conduct Disorder?


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Introduction to the Special Section: What Do We Know About the Psychophysiology of Child Psychopathy and Conduct Problems?
Randall T. Salekin, Henrik Andershed, Olivier F. Colins

Open Access 10-01-2022

Fear Conditioning Deficits in Children and Adolescents with Psychopathic Traits: a Study in a Clinical Population
Anastasiya Ivanova-Serokhvostova, Beatriz Molinuevo, David Torrents-Rodas, Albert Bonillo, Iris Pérez-Bonaventura, Montserrat Corrales, Montserrat Pamias, Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga, Rafael Torrubia


Extending the Construct of Psychopathy to Childhood: Testing Associations with Heart Rate, Skin Conductance, and Startle Reactivity
Kostas A. Fanti, Ioannis Mavrommatis, Giorgos Georgiou, Melina Nicole Kyranides, Henrik Andershed, Olivier F. Colins

Open Access 26-12-2021

Skin Conductance Responses to a Discrete Threat in Virtual Reality: Associations with Psychopathy and Anxiety
Luna C. M. Centifanti, Steven M. Gillespie, Nicholas D. Thomson


Psychopathy, the Four Facet Model, and Fearlessness: Testing Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System Reactivity in a Late Adolescent Sample
Nicholas D. Thomson


Psychopathy and Resting State EEG Theta/Beta Oscillations in Adolescent Offenders
Abby P. Clark, Andrew P. Bontemps, Rick A. Houser, Randall T. Salekin


Psychopathic Traits, Conduct Problems, and the Examination of Self-Referential Processing Using EEG in Incarcerated Adolescents
Andrew P. Bontemps, Blair D. Batky, Rick A. Houser, Randall T. Salekin


Psychopathic Traits and Conduct Problems in Children: Effects of Collective Efficacy, Heart Rate, and Sex
Liat Kofler, Wei Zhang, Yu Gao


Twelve-Month Stability of a Brief FFM Measure and Validity of Its Impulsigenic Facets
Lily Assaad, Sarah A. Griffin, Karen J. Derefinko, Donald R. Lynam, Douglas B. Samuel


The Role of Parental Anxiety Sensitivity and Beliefs About Child Anxiety in the Relationship Between Parent and Child Anxiety
Shannon Manley, Sarah Francis


A Psychometric Investigation of the Perfectionistic Self-Presentation Scale Using Bifactor Modeling: Evidence for the Unidimensional Structure of the Measure
Kevin G. Saulnier, Shelby J. Saulnier, Nicholas P. Allan


An Examination of the Parent-Rated Adolescent Academic Problems Checklist: What Do Parents Really Know?
Kari Benson, Steven W. Evans, Margaret H. Sibley, Darcey M. Allan, Julie Sarno Owens, George J. DuPaul


Is Mindfulness a Noticeable Quality? Development and Validation of the Observed Mindfulness Measure
Larissa Bartlett, Angela J. Martin, Raimondo Bruno, Michelle Kilpatrick, Kristy Sanderson, Amanda L. Neil


A Dark Web of Personality: Network Analyses of Dark Personality Features and Pathological Personality Traits
D. Gage Jordan, Peter K. Jonason, Virgil Zeigler-Hill, E. Samuel Winer, Stephen Fletcher, Dylan Underhill


Perfectionism and Stressful Perseveration in the Psychophysiological Experience of Stress: A 7-Day Multi-Method Study
Logan J. Nealis, Simon B. Sherry, Dayna L. Lee-Baggley


Examining the Dimensionality of Anxiety and Depression: a Latent Profile Approach to Modeling Transdiagnostic Features
Julia S. Yarrington, Craig K. Enders, Richard E. Zinbarg, Susan Mineka, Michelle G. Craske


Monoamine Oxidase-A and Conduct Problems in Children: The Role of Affective Decision-Making
Valentina Levantini, Cameron Powe, John E. Lochman, Andrea Glenn

Open Access 04-11-2021

Interaction of Psychopathic Traits Dimensions in the Prediction of Psychological and Physical Child-to-Parent Violence in Adolescents
Joana Del Hoyo-Bilbao, Izaskun Orue, Esther Calvete


Further Validation of the Spanish Parent-Reported Child Problematic Traits Inventory: Discriminant Validity for Distinguishing Children Vulnerable to Externalizing and Other Psychopathology Conditions
Víctor Barrau, Laura López-Romero, Rosa Bosch, Rafael Torrubia, Miquel Casas, Beatriz Molinuevo


Links Between Oppositional Defiant Disorder Dimensions, Psychophysiology, and Interpersonal versus Non-interpersonal Trauma
Amy J. Mikolajewski, Michael S. Scheeringa


Antisocial Traits and Risky Sexual Behavior in Inpatient Adolescents
Caroline Pearson, Kiana Wall, Carla Sharp


The Spectra: Indices of Psychopathology: Construct Validity and Sensitivity to Change in an Inpatient Psychiatric Sample
Samuel Justin Sinclair, Andrew McRitchie, Stephen DeFilippo, Mark A. Blais, Joseph Toomey, Kelly Ann Colby, Genifer Goldsmith, Daniel Antonius, Jake Laguerre, Greg Haggerty

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