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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Uitgave 3/2023

Inhoudsopgave (24 Artikelen)

Two Times the Charm: Repeat Administration of the CPT-II Improves Its Classification Accuracy as a Performance Validity Index

Anthony Robinson, Matthew Calamia, Nathanael Penner, Noor Assaf, Parveen Razvi, Robert M Roth, Laszlo A Erdodi

Development and Psychometric Properties of the Youth Emotions Scale

Shannon L. Gair, Sungha Kang, Jason Kahn, Alyssa L. Peechatka, Rosanna Breaux, Jennifer M. McDermott, Elizabeth A. Harvey

Associations Among Experiential Avoidance, Positive Affect, and Reward Responsivity

Jessica S. Fields, Sarah T. Wieman, Helen Z. MacDonald, Hannah Robins, Gabrielle I. Liverant

Psychometric Characteristics of the Romanian Adaptation of the GAD-7

Alin Cristinel Cotiga, Şerban Andrei Zanfirescu, Dragos Iliescu, Mugur Ciumăgeanu, Ioan Gotca, Cosmin Octavian Popa

Open Access

Rumination in Response to a Social Interaction: Psychometric Properties of the Socially Anxious Rumination Questionnaire (SARQ) in Social Anxiety Disorder

Emily J. Wilson, Maree J. Abbott, Hayley E. Donohue, Ronald M. Rapee, Leigh Carpenter, Jonathan E. Gaston

Open Access

Examining the Cross Cultural Validity and Measurement Invariance of the Emotion Beliefs Questionnaire (EBQ) in Iran and the USA

Seyran Ranjbar, Mahdi Mazidi, James J. Gross, David Preece, Majid Zarei, Alireza Azizi, Maryam Mirshafiei, Rodrigo Becerra

Open Access

Assessing Psychopathic Traits Early in Development: Testing Potential Associations with Social, Behavioral, and Affective Factors

Chara A. Demetriou, Olivier F. Colins, Henrik Andershed, Kostas A. Fanti

Open Access

Youth Misuse of Fire: Measuring the Risk of Firesetting Behaviour Using Explicit and Implicit Methods

Kara Dadswell, Stjepan Sambol, Maxim Zervos, Matthew Harris, Michelle Ball

Open Access

Neurobehavioral Mechanisms of Comorbidity in Internalizing and Externalizing Psychopathology: An RDoC Multimethod Assessment

Rita Pasion, Inês Macedo, Tiago O. Paiva, Christopher J. Patrick, Robert F. Krueger, Fernando Barbosa

Open Access

Forms and Functions of Aggression in Young Adults: The Polish Modified Version of the Peer Conflict Scale

Marcin Moroń, Ludwika Mozgol, Anna N. Gajda, Magdalena Rode, Marta Biela, Kamila Stalmach, Weronika Kuchta, Monica Marsee, Paula Vagos

Open Access

Norms for the Dutch Version of the Young Schema Questionnaire – Adolescent in a Clinical Population

Dyonne M.L. Sijstermans, Marjolijn Span, Gerard J.P. Van Breukelen, Yvonne Bol, Caroline Braet, Jeffrey Roelofs

Validation of the Social Effort and Conscientious Scale (SEACS) in Schizophrenia

Renata Botello, Kathryn Gill, Jessica L. Mow, Lawrence Leung, Jasmine Mote, Kim T. Mueser, David E. Gard, Daniel Fulford

Psychometric Evaluation of the Brief Situational Confidence Questionnaire in an Inpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program

Emily M. Britton, Sarah Sousa, Radia Taisir, Alysha Cooper, Shannon Remers, Yelena Chorny, Onawa LaBelle, Brian Rush, James MacKillop, Mary Jean Costello