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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment OnlineFirst articles


Psychopathic Traits in Early Childhood: Further Multi-informant Validation of the Child Problematic Traits Inventory (CPTI)

The present study aimed to further test the teacher- and parent-versions of the Child Problematic Traits Inventory (CPTI) in Spain, with a special focus on gender differences. Data were collected in a sample of 2467 preschool children (48.1% …


Self-Evaluation and Depressive Symptoms: A Latent Variable Analysis of Self-Esteem, Shame-Proneness, and Self-Criticism

This paper examined the unique associations of latent self-esteem with symptoms of depression, over-and-above latent shame-proneness (study 1) and latent self-criticism (study 2), among two samples of undergraduate students. In study 1 …


Psychopathic Traits in Middle Childhood: Evidence of a Hierarchical Three-Factor Structure

Although the development of psychopathy is not well understood, prior studies suggest that psychopathic traits begin to develop in childhood. Whereas research suggests consistency in the structure and correlates of psychopathic traits as assessed …


IQ and Academic Achievement in Children with ADHD: the Differential Effects of Specific Cognitive Functions

The co-occurrence of lower full-scale intellectual abilities (FSIQ) and academic achievement deficits in children with ADHD is well established; however, the extent to which the relation reflects the influence of a general factor (g) deficiency or …


Emotion Vulnerability in the Context of Positively Valenced Stimuli: Associations with Borderline Personality Disorder Symptom Severity

Theories of borderline personality disorder (BPD) have posited that emotion vulnerability (including greater baseline emotion intensity, greater emotion reactivity to salient stimuli, and slower return to emotional baseline) is a key etiological …

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The journal publishes articles on research investigations that enhance understanding of psychopathology and mental disorders applicable to all ages, deviant or abnormal behaviors, including those related to medical conditions and trauma, and constructs descriptive of personality. It fosters inquiry into assessment, description, and classification of normal and abnormal behaviors, psychobiological factors predisposing, precipitating, and maintaining psychopathology, and theories of psychopathology and behavior change.

Coverage spans studies of normal personality constructs and positive personal attributes, personal and environmental factors influencing behavioral outcomes, and interactive models of cognitive, emotional, and behavior resource factors as impacting normal and abnormal behaviors.

The journal includes articles focusing on therapeutic interventions and accepts reviews, particurlary meta-analytic reviews.

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