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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment OnlineFirst articles


Validation of a Behavioral Measure of Acquiring and Discarding in Hoarding Disorder

Behavioral assessment is an important component of evidence-based assessment and treatment in anxiety and related disorders. The purpose of the current study was to validate a behavioral measure of difficulty discarding and acquiring, the core …


The Revised Child Anxiety and Depression Scales (RCADS): Psychometric Evaluation in Children Evaluated for ADHD

Co-occurring internalizing symptoms are common and important to assess in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). One frequently used child self-report measure of internalizing symptoms is the Revised Child Anxiety and …


The Role of Sleep Quality in Associations between Peer Victimization and Internalizing Symptoms

Peer victimization is strongly associated with depression and anxiety symptoms; however, not all victimized youth experience these internalizing symptoms. Accordingly, factors that contribute to these associations need to be examined. The current …


Evaluation of the Reliability and Validity of the Social Anxiety Questionnaire for Children in Adolescents with Social Anxiety Disorder

Little research has focused on the measurement of specific facets of social anxiety disorder (SAD) in adolescents. In this study, we report on the Social Anxiety Questionnaire for Children (SAQ-C; Caballo et al. 2016), a 24-item questionnaire …


Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Structure of Adult ADHD Symptoms

Previous research has examined the factor structure of ADHD symptoms in adults using confirmatory factor analysis and there is mixed support for two-factor, three-factor, or more complex bifactor models. The current study re-examines these factor …

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The journal publishes articles on research investigations that enhance understanding of psychopathology and mental disorders applicable to all ages, deviant or abnormal behaviors, including those related to medical conditions and trauma, and constructs descriptive of personality. It fosters inquiry into assessment, description, and classification of normal and abnormal behaviors, psychobiological factors predisposing, precipitating, and maintaining psychopathology, and theories of psychopathology and behavior change.

Coverage spans studies of normal personality constructs and positive personal attributes, personal and environmental factors influencing behavioral outcomes, and interactive models of cognitive, emotional, and behavior resource factors as impacting normal and abnormal behaviors.

The journal includes articles focusing on therapeutic interventions and accepts reviews, particurlary meta-analytic reviews.

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