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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 6/2011

SI: Wraparound Services

Inhoudsopgave (18 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Implementation Research and Wraparound Literature: Building a Research Agenda

Rosalyn M. Bertram, Jesse C. Suter, Eric J. Bruns, Koren E. O’Rourke

Original Paper

National Trends in Implementing Wraparound: Results from the State Wraparound Survey

Eric J. Bruns, April Sather, Michael D. Pullmann, Leyla Faw Stambaugh

Original Paper

Connecting the Dots: Stages of Implementation, Wraparound Fidelity and Youth Outcomes

Vicki Sprague Effland, Betty A. Walton, Janet S. McIntyre

Original Paper

The Impact of Child and Family Team Composition on Wraparound Fidelity: Examining Links Between Team Attendance Consistency and Functioning

Eylin Palamaro Munsell, James R. Cook, Ryan P. Kilmer, Tanya Vishnevsky, Melissa Strompolis

Original Paper

Integrating Wraparound into a Schoolwide System of Positive Behavior Supports

Lucille Eber, Kelly Hyde, Jesse C. Suter

Original Paper

Using a Theory of Change to Drive Human Resource Development for Wraparound

Janet S. Walker, Marlene Matarese

Original Paper

Parental Strategies for Knowledge of Adolescents’ Friends: Distinct from Monitoring?

Beth Bourdeau, Brenda A. Miller, Michael R. Duke, Genevieve M. Ames

Original Paper

Family Peer Advocates: A Pilot Study of the Content and Process of Service Provision

Jennifer P. Wisdom, Serene Olin, Priscilla Shorter, Geraldine Burton, Kimberly Hoagwood

Original Paper

An Ecological Understanding of Kinship Foster Care in the United States

Jun Sung Hong, Carl L. Algood, Yu-Ling Chiu, Stephanie Ai-Ping Lee