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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 5/2011

Inhoudsopgave (17 Artikelen)

Original Paper

The CBCL Bipolar Profile and Attention, Mood, and Behavior Dysregulation

Leonard A. Doerfler, Daniel F. Connor, Peter F. Toscano Jr

Original Paper

Experiential Activities in Family Therapy: Perceptions of Caregivers and Youth

Sanna J. Thompson, Kimberly Bender, Jodi Berger Cardoso, Patrick M. Flynn

Original Paper

Cultural Mistrust of Mental Health Professionals Among Black Males Transitioning from Foster Care

Lionel D. Scott Jr, Henrika McCoy, Michelle R. Munson, Lonnie R. Snowden, J. Curtis McMillen

Original Paper

Is the Triple P-Positive Parenting Program Acceptable to Parents from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds?

Alina Morawska, Matthew Sanders, Elizabeth Goadby, Clea Headley, Lauren Hodge, Christine McAuliffe, Sue Pope, Emily Anderson

Open Access Original Paper

Maternal Reports of Play Dates of Clinic Referred and Community Children

Fred Frankel, Jim Mintz

Original Paper

Predicting Parenting Stress in Families of Children with ADHD: Parent and Contextual Factors

Jennifer Theule, Judith Wiener, Maria A. Rogers, Imola Marton

Open Access Original Paper

Parenting Intervention to Reduce Attention and Behavior Difficulties in Preschoolers: A CUIDAR Evaluation Study

Kimberley D. Lakes, Danyel Vargas, Matt Riggs, Janeth Schmidt, Mike Baird

Original Paper

Long-term Outcomes of Children and Youth accessing Residential or Intensive Home-based Treatment: Three year follow up

M. Preyde, K. Frensch, G. Cameron, S. White, R. Penny, K. Lazure

Original Paper

Measuring Individualized Parent Advocate Services in Children’s Mental Health: A Contextualized Theoretical Application

Tamara S. Davis, Stephen M. Gavazzi, Scott D. Scheer, Reena Uppal

Original Paper

Maternal Depressive Symptoms When Caring for a Child with Mental Health Problems

Janis E. Gerkensmeyer, Susan M. Perkins, Jennifer Day, Joan K. Austin, Eric L. Scott, Jingwei Wu

Original Paper

Comparing Outcomes for Youth Served in Treatment Foster Care and Treatment Group Care

John Robst, Mary Armstrong, Norin Dollard