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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 5/2019

Inhoudsopgave (25 Artikelen)

Review Paper

Parental Offending and Child Physical Health, Mental Health, and Drug Use Outcomes: A Systematic Literature Review

Tyson Whitten, Melanie Burton, Stacy Tzoumakis, Kimberlie Dean

Original Paper

Emotional Security and Interparental Conflict: Responses of Adolescents from Different Living Arrangements

Silvia López-Larrosa, Vanesa Sánchez-Souto, Anh P. Ha, E. Mark Cummings

Original Paper

Assessing the Personality Profile with ADHD Characteristics Using the Rorschach Performance Assessment System (R-PAS)

Agata Ando, Claudia Pignolo, Donald J. Viglione, Alessandro Zennaro, Stefania Cristofanelli, Laura Ferro

Original Paper

Examining the Relationship between Helicopter Parenting and Emerging Adults’ Mindsets Using the Consolidated Helicopter Parenting Scale

Holly H. Schiffrin, Jennaveve C. Yost, Victoria Power, Emily R. Saldanha, Erynn Sendrick

Original Paper

Longitudinal Validation of a New Measure to Assess Parental Knowledge and its Sources in Spanish Adolescents

Olalla Cutrín, Lorena Maneiro, Jorge Sobral, José Antonio Gómez-Fraguela

Original Paper

Cultural Values and Behavior among African American and European American Children

Emilie Phillips Smith, Dawn P. Witherspoon, Sakshi Bhargava, J. Maria Bermudez

Original Paper

Exchange of Emotional Support Between Adult Children and their Parents and the Children’s Well-being

Liora Bar-Tur, Kfir Ifrah, Dahlia Moore, Bat Katzman

Original Paper

Do Attachment Styles and Family Functioning Predict Adolescents’ Problematic Internet Use? A Relative Weight Analysis

Marco Cacioppo, Daniela Barni, Cinzia Correale, Sonia Mangialavori, Francesca Danioni, Alessio Gori

Original Paper

When One Sibling has Autism: Adjustment and Sibling Relationship

Emily A. Jones, Theresa Fiani, Jennifer L. Stewart, Ridda Sheikh, Nicole Neil, Daniel M. Fienup

Original Paper

Anxiety and Depression in Parent Caregivers of Children with Cystic Fibrosis

Jennifer Cronly, Aine M. Horgan, Elaine Lehane, Barbara Howe, Alistair J. Duff, Kristin A. Riekert, Ivan J. Perry, Anthony P. Fitzgerald, Muireann Ni Chroinin, Eileen Savage

Original Paper

The Extent and Correlates of Stressors Experienced by At-risk Youths in a Military-style Residential Program

Nora E. Charles, Shari R. Reiter, Christopher T. Barry

Original Paper

Loneliness, Social Anxiety, and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescence: Examining Their Distinctiveness Through Factor Analysis

Sofie Danneel, Patricia Bijttebier, Margot Bastin, Hilde Colpin, Wim Van den Noortgate, Karla Van Leeuwen, Karine Verschueren, Luc Goossens

Original Paper

The Role of Shame, Self-criticism and Early Emotional Memories in Adolescents’ Paranoid Ideation

Célia Barreto Carvalho, Marina Sousa, Carolina da Motta, Joana Moura Cabral

Original Paper

Understanding of Emotions and Empathy: Predictors of Positive Parenting with Preschoolers in Economically Stressed Families

E. Stephanie Krauthamer Ewing, Joanna Herres, Katherine E. Dilks, Forogh Rahim, Christopher J. Trentacosta

Original Paper

Longitudinal Trajectories of Parenting Stress among Ethnic Minority Adolescent Mothers

Cindy Y. Huang, Yvonne Humenay Roberts, Jessica Costeines, Joy S. Kaufman

Original Paper

Parents’ Degree and Style of Restrictive Mediation of Young Children’s Digital Gaming: Associations with Parental Attitudes and Perceived Child Adjustment

Stijn Van Petegem, Evelien de Ferrerre, Bart Soenens, Antonius J. van Rooij, Jan Van Looy

Original Paper

A pilot study to assess Coparenting Across Family Structures (CoPAFS)

Michael Saini, Marsha Kline Pruett, Jonathan Alschech, Abigail R. Sushchyk

Original Paper

Patterns of Parental Interactions After Divorce and Individual Well-Being

Anthony J. Ferraro, Raymond E. Petren, Kay Pasley

Original Paper

Attachment Bonds as Risk Factors of Intimate Partner Violence

Lucia Ponti, Franca Tani

Open Access Original Paper

Self-compassion and Adolescents’ Positive and Negative Cognitive Reactions to Daily Life Problems

Peter Muris, Henry Otgaar, Cor Meesters, Amber Heutz, Michelle van den Hombergh