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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 6/2019

Uitgave 6/2019

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18-04-2019 | Review Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Parental Behavior Comparisons Between Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Parents of Children Without Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Meta-analysis

Byungmo Ku, Jodi Dawn Stinson, Megan MacDonald

01-04-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Relationship Between Forms of Aggression and Social Status in South Korean Primary School Peer Groups

Jonghyo Park, Jingu Kim

09-04-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Examining the Convergent Evidence of a Parent-Completed, Social-Emotional Screening Tool in China

Huichao Xie, Xiaoyan Bian, Chieh-Yu Chen, Jane Squires, Ping Lu

30-03-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Adolescent Future Expectations Scale for Parents (AFES-p): Development and Validation

Yolanda Sánchez-Sandoval, Laura Verdugo, Francisco Javier del Río

27-03-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Psychometric Evaluation of a Brief Assessment of Parents’ Disciplinary Alternatives

Christina M. Rodriguez, Shannon M. O. Wittig, Maria-Ernestina Christl

04-04-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Service Intensity/Level of Care Determination in a Child Welfare Population

Andres J. Pumariega, William French, Udema Millsaps, Michele Moser, Pat Wade

04-04-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Quality of Life in Immigrant Parents of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Comparison With Parents From the Host Culture

Marie Millau, Mélina Rivard, Catherine Mello

25-03-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Adolescent Temperament, but Not Age or Gender, Is Associated with Parental Socialization of Positive Affect

Alex C. Nyquist, Joseph W. Fredrick, Aaron M. Luebbe

10-04-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

How Parents of Childhood Cancer Survivors Perceive Support From Their Extended Families

Lauren Kelada, Claire E. Wakefield, Lauren Carlson, Kate Hetherington, Brittany C. McGill, Maria C. McCarthy, Gordon Miles, Richard J. Cohn, Ursula M. Sansom-Daly

08-04-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

When Couples Disagree: Predicting Informant Differences in Adults’ Emotion Regulation

Doris F. Pu, Christina M. Rodriguez, Levi R. Baker

25-03-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

A Quasi-Experimental Study of a Peer Support Group to Enhance Protective Factors for Fathers of Children in Head Start

Paul Lanier, Joseph Frey, Quinton Smith, Gerard Chung

03-04-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Perceived Parent–adolescent Communication and Pathological Internet Use Among Chinese Adolescents: A Moderated Mediation Model

Qinxue Liu, Yue Lin, Zongkui Zhou, Wei Zhang

19-04-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Coping and Observed Emotions in Children of Parents with a History of Depression

Meredith A. Gruhn, Alexandra H. Bettis, Lexa K. Murphy, Jennifer P. Dunbar, Michele M. Reising, Rex Forehand, Bruce E. Compas

06-04-2019 | Original Papers | Uitgave 6/2019

Negative Self-Statements Mediate Social Anxiety and Depressive Symptomatology in Youth: The Role of Working Memory

Peter J. Castagna, Matthew Calamia, Thompson E. Davis III

05-04-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Maternal Depressive Symptoms and Warm Responsiveness Across the Transition to Parenthood

Erica A. Mitchell, Amy K. Nuttall, Andrea Wittenborn

05-04-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Racial Discrimination and Psychological Distress among African American Adolescents: Investigating the Social Support Deterioration Model

Shardé McNeil Smith, Ruiwen Sun, Mellissa S. Gordon

09-04-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Children’s Triangulation during Inter-Parental Conflict: Which Role for Maternal and Paternal Parenting Stress?

Elena Camisasca, Sarah Miragoli, Paola Di Blasio

25-03-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Does It Matter Which Parent is Absent? Labor Migration, Parenting, and Adolescent Development in China

Ying Xu, Di Xu, Sandra Simpkins, Mark Warschauer

28-03-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Examining the Association Between Emotional Availability and Mindful Parenting

Julie Benton, Doug Coatsworth, Zeynep Biringen

25-03-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Peer Assisted Supervision and Support and Providers’ Use of Triple P- Positive Parenting Program

Caitlyn R. Owens, Mary E. Haskett, Kate Norwalk

17-04-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Parenting Intervention Combined with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Processes of Change

Koa Whittingham, Matthew R. Sanders, Lynne McKinlay, Roslyn N. Boyd

23-03-2019 | Review Paper | Uitgave 6/2019

Pathways Linking Nonresident Father Involvement and Child Outcomes

Erica E. Coates, Vicky Phares

15-04-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

A Pilot Study of the Tuning in to Kids Parenting Program in Iran for Reducing Preschool Children’s Anxiety

Forough Edrissi, Sophie S. Havighurst, Asma Aghebati, Mojtaba Habibi, Abbas Masjedi Arani

05-04-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

Making it Meaningful: Caregiver Goal Selection in Positive Behavioral Support

Nick James Gore, Peter McGill, Richard Patrick Hastings

31-03-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

Probing the Psychosocial Correlates of Unintentional Injuries Among Grade-School Children: A Comparison of Urban and Migrant Students in China

Chao Gao, Pengfei Chai, Jingjing Lu, Hongmei Wang, Lu Li, Xudong Zhou

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