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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 4/2015

Inhoudsopgave (32 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Negative Maternal and Paternal Parenting Styles as Predictors of Children’s Behavioral Problems: Moderating Effects of the Child’s Sex

Paloma Braza, Rosario Carreras, José Manuel Muñoz, Francisco Braza, Aitziber Azurmendi, Eider Pascual-Sagastizábal, Jaione Cardas, José Ramón Sánchez-Martín

Original Paper

Semantic Disorders and Adaptation Problems in Children in Residential Care

Juan Manuel Moreno-Manso, Mª Elena García-Baamonde, Macarena Blázquez-Alonso, José Manuel Pozueco-Romero

Open Access Original Paper

Factors that may Facilitate or Hinder a Family-Focus in the Treatment of Parents with a Mental Illness

Camilla Lauritzen, Charlotte Reedtz, Karin Van Doesum, Monica Martinussen

Original Paper

Parents as Advocates for the Psychosocial Survival of Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer

Peter Lewis, Julie Mooney-Somers, Christopher F. C. Jordens, Ian Kerridge

Original Paper

Factor Structure of the Obstacles to Engagement Scale: Problems, Solutions, and Hypotheses

Shana M. Wilson, Beth G. Wildman, Jeffrey Ciesla, Aimee W. Smith, Robert Dempster

Original Paper

Hot and Cool Inhibitory Control in Italian Toddlers: Associations with Social Competence and Behavioral Problems

Anna Di Norcia, Giulia Pecora, Anna Silvia Bombi, Emma Baumgartner, Fiorenzo Laghi

Original Paper

Using Father Preference Data to Increase Father Engagement in Evidence-Based Parenting Programs

Tenille J. Frank, Louise J. Keown, Cassandra K. Dittman, Matthew R. Sanders

Original Paper

Physically Abused Children’s Adjustment at the Transition to School: Child, Parent, and Family Factors

Karen Appleyard Carmody, Mary E. Haskett, Jessisca Loehman, Roderick A. Rose

Original Paper

Predictors of Teen Childbearing Among Delinquent and Non-Delinquent Females

David E. Barrett, Antonis Katsiyannis, Dalun Zhang, J. B. Kingree

Original Paper

Psychometrics, Reliability, and Validity of a Wraparound Team Observation Measure

Eric J. Bruns, Ericka S. Weathers, Jesse C. Suter, Spencer Hensley, Michael D. Pullmann, April Sather

Original Paper

Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Younger and Older Children: Implications for Learning and School Functioning

Matthew A. Jarrett, Anna K. Black, Hannah F. Rapport, Amie E. Grills-Taquechel, Thomas H. Ollendick

Original Paper

The Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Adolescent Mental Health: Swedish and Australian Pilot Outcomes

Fredrik Livheim, Louise Hayes, Ata Ghaderi, Thora Magnusdottir, Anna Högfeldt, Julie Rowse, Simone Turner, Steven C. Hayes, Anders Tengström

Original Paper

Interparental Conflicts in Dyadic and Triadic Contexts: Parental Depression Symptoms and Conflict History Predict Differences

Tina D. Du Rocher Schudlich, Jessica Norman, Briana Du Nann, Amy Wharton, Myra Block, Hilary Nicol, Megan Dachenhausen, Alicia Gleason, Katheryne Pendergast

Original Paper

Sibling Relationships of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Context of Everyday Life and a Strength-Based Program

Marissa L. Diener, Laura Anderson, Cheryl A. Wright, M. Louise Dunn

Original Paper

Retention in a Parenting Intervention Among Parents Involved with the Child Welfare System

Lenore M. McWey, Kendal Holtrop, Armeda Stevenson Wojciak, Amy M. Claridge

Original Paper

Association Between Mindful Parenting and Adolescents’ Internalizing Problems: Non-judgmental Acceptance of Parenting as Core Element

Naline Geurtzen, Ron H. J. Scholte, Rutger C. M. E. Engels, Yuli R. Tak, Rinka M. P. van Zundert

Original Paper

Parents’ Perceptions About Their Child’s Illness in Pediatric Cancer: Links with Caregiving Burden and Quality of Life

Ágata Salvador, Carla Crespo, Ana Rita Martins, Susana Santos, Maria Cristina Canavarro

Original Paper

Child Temperament, Maternal Parenting Behavior, and Child Social Functioning

Julie Baer, Meghan Schreck, Robert R. Althoff, David Rettew, Valerie Harder, Lynsay Ayer, Matthew Albaugh, Eileen Crehan, Ana Kuny-Slock, James J. Hudziak