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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 5/2015

Inhoudsopgave (39 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Teaching Mindfulness to Middle School Students and Homeless Youth in School Classrooms

David P. Viafora, Sally G. Mathiesen, Sara J. Unsworth

Original Paper

Behavioral Family Therapy for Chinese Preschoolers with Disruptive Behavior: A Pilot Study

Jun Yu, Mark Roberts, Yongqiang Shen, Maria Wong

Original Paper

Parent and Child PTSD and Parent Depression in Relation to Parenting Stress Among Trauma-Exposed Children

Alison Salloum, Carla Smith Stover, Victoria R. Swaidan, Eric A. Storch

Open Access Original Paper

Young People’s Views on Electronic Mental Health Assessment: Prefer to Type than Talk?

Sally Bradford, Debra Rickwood

Original Paper

Family Idealization Explains the Effect Between Family Religiousness and Youth Psychological Functioning

George B. Richardson, Patrick H. Hardesty, Benjamin Jeppsen

Original Paper

Measures of Neighborhood Quality: Self-reports of Mothers of Infant Children

Samantha R. Rosenthal, Patrick M. Vivier, Michelle L. Rogers, Frances M. Saadeh, Melissa A. Clark

Original Paper

Posttraumatic Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Symptoms Among Children After Hurricane Katrina: A Latent Profile Analysis

Betty S. Lai, Mary Lou Kelley, Katherine M. Harrison, Julia E. Thompson, Shannon Self-Brown

Original Paper

Psychometric Properties of the Child’s Reaction to Traumatic Events Scale-Revised in English and Lugandan

Lucy E. Napper, Dennis G. Fisher, Adi Jaffe, Russell T. Jones, Vivian S. Lamphear, Lisa Joseph, Elizabeth M. Grimaldi

Original Paper

Professionals’ and Mothers’ Beliefs About Maternal Sensitivity Across Cultures: Toward Effective Interventions in Multicultural Societies

Hatice Ekmekci, H. Melis Yavuz-Muren, Rosanneke A. G. Emmen, Judi Mesman, Marinus H. van IJzendoorn, Bilge Yagmurlu, Maike Malda

Original Paper

Long-Term Sequelae of Emotional Parentification: A Cross-Validation Study Using Sequences of Regressions

Katarzyna Schier, Max Herke, Ralf Nickel, Ulrich T. Egle, Jochen Hardt

Original Paper

Children’s Emotional and Behavioral Problems in the Foster Family Context

María D. Salas, Miguel Á. García-Martín, María J. Fuentes, Isabel M. Bernedo

Original Paper

Parental Perception of Child’s Body Weight: A Systematic Review

Connie L. Tompkins, Marissa Seablom, David W. Brock

Original Paper

Parental Influences on Pathological Symptoms of Video-Gaming Among Children and Adolescents: A Prospective Study

Hyekyung Choo, Timothy Sim, Albert K. F. Liau, Douglas A. Gentile, Angeline Khoo

Original Paper

Caregiver Characteristics and Symptoms of Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

Amy T. Peters, David B. Henry, Amy E. West

Original Paper

Parental Involvement in Residential Care: Distance, Frequency of Contact, and Youth Outcomes

Jonathan C. Huefner, Robert M. Pick, Gail L. Smith, Amy L. Stevens, W. Alex Mason

Original Paper

Negative Parental Responses to Coming Out and Family Functioning in a Sample of Lesbian and Gay Young Adults

Roberto Baiocco, Lilybeth Fontanesi, Federica Santamaria, Salvatore Ioverno, Barbara Marasco, Emma Baumgartner, Brian L. B. Willoughby, Fiorenzo Laghi

Original Paper

The Adolescent Response to Parental Illness: The Influence of Dispositional Gratitude

Maggie Stoeckel, Carol Weissbrod, Anthony Ahrens


Erratum to: Population-Wide Parenting Intervention Training: Initial Feasibility

Cheri J. Shapiro, Ronald J. Prinz, Matthew R. Sanders


Erratum to: Is the Triple P-Positive Parenting Program Acceptable to Parents from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds?

Alina Morawska, Matthew Sanders, Elizabeth Goadby, Clea Headley, Lauren Hodge, Christine McAuliffe, Sue Pope, Emily Anderson


Erratum to: Parenting and Prematurity: Understanding Parent Experience and Preferences for Support

Koa Whittingham, Roslyn N. Boyd, Matthew R. Sanders, Paul Colditz


Erratum to: Using Father Preference Data to Increase Father Engagement in Evidence-Based Parenting Programs

Tenille J. Frank, Louise J. Keown, Cassandra K. Dittman, Matthew R. Sanders