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Journal of Child and Family Studies 10/2021
Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 10/2021


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24-06-2021 | Original Paper

Attachment Styles and Maternal Sense of Competence: The Moderated-Mediation Effects of Rooming-in and Maternal Psychopathology
Jonathan E. Handelzalts, Sigal Levy, Maayan Molmen-Lichter, Ilana S. Hairston, Haim Krissi, Arnon Wiznitzer, Yoav Peled

02-07-2021 | Original Paper

Temperament, Emotion Regulation, and Emotion-Related Parenting: Maternal Emotion Socialization during Early Childhood
Shawna A. Scott, Julie Hakim-Larson

01-07-2021 | Original Paper

Maternal Emotion Regulation Difficulties and the Intergenerational Transmission of Risk
Ka I Ip, Megan McCrohan, Diana Morelen, Kate Fitzgerald, Maria Muzik, Katherine Rosenblum

12-07-2021 | Original Paper

Characterizing Maternal Apology Attitudes and Behaviors
Alexis A. Adams-Clark, Angela H. Lee, Christina Gamache Martin, Arianna Zarosinski, Maureen Zalewski

12-07-2021 | Original Paper

The Relation of Maternal Parity, Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia, and Overprotective Behaviors with Child Anxiety
Sydney M. Risley, Lauren B. Jones, Anne E. Kalomiris, Elizabeth J. Kiel

10-07-2021 | Original Paper

Maternal HIV Stigma and Child Adjustment: Qualitative and Quantitative Perspectives
Sae-Jin Kim, Abigail Robbertz, Nada M. Goodrum, Lisa P. Armistead, Lindsey L. Cohen, Marya T. Schulte, Debra A. Murphy

05-08-2021 | Original Paper

Maternal Depression and Socialization of Children’s Positive Affect Regulation
Kayley E. Morrow, Amy L. Gentzler, Tyia K. Wilson, Katelyn F. Romm, Amy E. Root

05-08-2021 | Original Paper

I Felt Like a Terrible Mom: Parenting-Related Cognitive Processes Maintaining Maternal Depression
Olivia J. Derella, Stephanie Milan

18-08-2021 | Original Paper

Young Adult Children of Mothers Coping with Mood Disorders: Maternal Relationship Quality, Family Stigma, and Psychological Well-Being
Kevin Walker, Catherine H. Stein

Open Access 17-08-2021 | Original Paper

Combining Motherhood and Work: Effects of Dual Identity and Identity Conflict on Well-Being
Hanna Zagefka, Diane Houston, Leonie Duff, Nali Moftizadeh

25-06-2021 | Original Paper

An Equine-Assisted Therapy for Youth with Mild to Moderate Anxiety: Manual Development and Fidelity
Mary Acri, Meghan Morrissey, Robin Peth-Pierce, Lauren Seibel, Dana Seag, Emily K. Hamovitch, Fei Guo, Sarah Horwitz, Kimberly E. Hoagwood

07-08-2021 | Original Paper

Pilot Evaluation of a Facebook Group Self-Care Intervention for Primary Caregivers of Children with Developmental Disabilities
Emily A. Iovino, Sandra M. Chafouleas, Lisa M. H. Sanetti, Nicholas Gelbar

05-08-2021 | Original Paper

The Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST) in Child Maltreatment Prevention Research
Kate Guastaferro, Jillian C. Strayhorn, Linda M. Collins

01-07-2021 | Original Paper

A Contextual Exploration of Parental Monitoring in Latinx Parent-Adolescent Dyads
Chang Zhao, Emily M. May, Dawn P. Witherspoon, Saskia Boggs, Mayra Bámaca-Colbert

16-07-2021 | Original Paper

Changing Attitudes about Spanking: a Mixed-Methods Study of a Positive Parenting Intervention
Shaniece Criss, Lochrane Grant, Nancy Henderson, Kerry Sease, Margot Fumo, Cinnamon Stetler

21-07-2021 | Original Paper

Associations Between Gun Storage Practices and Parenting Practices: A Pennsylvania Study
Lacey N. Wallace

02-08-2021 | Original Paper

How Do Mental Health Providers Assess Treatment Engagement of Youth and Caregivers?
Kimberly D. Becker, Eleanor G. Wu, Anna Hukill, Nicole Brandt, Bruce F. Chorpita

11-08-2021 | Review

Cultural Adaptations to Youth Mental Health Interventions: A Systematic Review
Prerna G. Arora, Kayla M. Parr, Olivia Khoo, Karissa Lim, Veronica Coriano, Courtney N. Baker

24-08-2021 | Original Paper

Developmental Correlates of Cultural Parental Self-Efficacy among Asian and Latinx Parents
Lisa Kiang, Terese Glatz, Christy M. Buchanan

Open Access 19-08-2021 | Original Paper

Child Psychological Adjustment to War and Displacement: A Discriminant Analysis of Resilience and Trauma in Syrian Refugee Children
Guido Veronese, Alessandro Pepe, Francesca Giordano

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