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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 9/2021

Inhoudsopgave (21 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Effects of a Brief Parenting Intervention In Shelters For Mothers And Their Children Experiencing Homelessness

Jenna Montgomery Armstrong, Caitlyn R. Owens, Mary E. Haskett

Open Access Original Paper

Parent and Child Factors Associated with Household versus Community Adversity among Black and Hispanic Children

Kristen R. Choi, Tatum Stewart, Jewel D. Davies, Sara Naureckas, Angela Venegas-Murillo, Michael McCreary, Kristen N. Kenan, Bonnie T. Zima

Open Access Original Paper

Job Insecurity and Depressive Symptoms in Mothers and Adolescents: A Dyadic Study

Saija Mauno, Jaana Minkkinen, Riikka Hirvonen, Noona Kiuru

Original Paper

Parenting Stress, Parenting, and Adolescent Externalizing Problems

Kristina Kochanova, Laura D. Pittman, Jacqueline M. Pabis

Original Paper

Examining Children’s Problem Behaviors and Mothers’ Dating for Mothers’ Depressive Symptoms Following Divorce

Jacqueline S. DeAnda, Michael R. Langlais, Edward R. Anderson, Shannon M. Greene

Original Paper

Interactive Effects of Parental Separation and Socioeconomic Status on Child Sleep Quality and Child Development

Brittany N. Rudd, Megan E. Reilly, Amy Holtzworth-Munroe, Brian M. D’Onofrio, Mary Waldron

Original Paper

A Prospective Study of Maternal Exposure to Smoking during Pregnancy and Behavioral Development in the Child

Joana Roigé-Castellví, Michelle M. Murphy, Núria Voltas, Pol Solé-Navais, Pere Cavallé-Busquets, Joan Fernández-Ballart, Mónica Ballesteros, Josefa Canals-Sans

Original Paper

Predicting Quality of Life in Caregivers of Children with Cancer Within One Year Post-Diagnosis

Maru Barrera, Aden Solomon, Leandra Desjardins, Joanna Chung, Kelly Hancock

Original Paper

Parenting Surviving Children After the Death of a Child from Cancer: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Wendy J. Haylett, Donna Scott Tilley, Becky Spencer, Shann Hwa Hwang, Terrah Foster Akard

Original Paper

Parent and Primary Care Provider Priorities for Wellness in Early Childhood: A Discrete Choice Experiment

Stephanie L. Mayne, Chloe Hannan, Jennifer Faerber, Rupreet Anand, Ella Labrusciano-Carris, Gabrielle DiFiore, Lisa Biggs, Alexander G. Fiks

Original Paper

Resilience Factors in Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Health Care Provider, Parent and Youth Perspectives

Sara Ahola Kohut, Paula Forgeron, Meghan McMurtry, Natalie Weiser, Armanda Iuliano, Jennifer Stinson

Open Access Review

Parenting among Settled Migrants from Southern Africa: A Qualitative Evidence Synthesis

Ruvimbo Machaka, Ruth Barley, Laura Serrant, Penny Furness, Margaret Dunham


A Systematic Review of Sleep Associations in Parents and Children

Prerna Varma, Russell Conduit, Moira Junge, V Vien Lee, Melinda L. Jackson

Original Paper

National Norms and Correlates of the PHQ-8 and GAD-7 in Parents of School-age Children

Stefanie L. Sequeira, Kayley E. Morrow, Jennifer S. Silk, David J. Kolko, Paul A. Pilkonis, Oliver Lindhiem

Original Paper

The Contemporary Anti-Immigrant Environment and Latin American-origin Adolescents’ Perceived Futures: A Phenomenographic Content Analysis

Kathleen M. Roche, Ashley A. Walsdorf, Lorien S. Jordan, Olanrewaju O. Falusi

Author Correction

Correction to: Examining the Relationship between Helicopter Parenting and Emerging Adults’ Mindsets Using the Consolidated Helicopter Parenting Scale

Holly H. Schiffrin, Jennaveve C. Yost, Victoria Power, Emily R. Saldanha, Erynn Sendrick