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Psychological Research

Uitgave 6/2015

Inhoudsopgave (16 Artikelen)

Open Access Original Article

Learning through instructions vs. learning through practice: flanker congruency effects from instructed and applied S-R mappings

Dorit Wenke, Jan De Houwer, Jeffrey De Winne, Baptist Liefooghe

Original Article

Exploring relations between task conflict and informational conflict in the Stroop task

Olga Entel, Joseph Tzelgov, Yoella Bereby-Meyer, Nitzan Shahar

Original Article

How do you hold your mouse? Tracking the compatibility effect between hand posture and stimulus size

Andrea Flumini, Laura Barca, Anna M. Borghi, Giovanni Pezzulo

Original Article

Development of spatial preferences for counting and picture naming

Birgit Knudsen, Martin H. Fischer, Gisa Aschersleben

Original Article

Spatial coding of object typical size: evidence for a SNARC-like effect

Roberta Sellaro, Barbara Treccani, Remo Job, Roberto Cubelli

Original Article

Embodied markedness of parity? Examining handedness effects on parity judgments

Stefan Huber, Elise Klein, Martina Graf, Hans-Christoph Nuerk, Korbinian Moeller, Klaus Willmes

Open Access Original Article

Testing the reliability of hands and ears as biometrics: the importance of viewpoint

Sarah V. Stevenage, Catherine Walpole, Greg J. Neil, Sue M. Black

Original Article

Reference frames in learning from maps and navigation

Tobias Meilinger, Julia Frankenstein, Katsumi Watanabe, Heinrich H. Bülthoff, Christoph Hölscher

Original Article

Timing the events of directional cueing

Giovanna Girardi, Gabriella Antonucci, Daniele Nico

Original Article

Simon effects in change detection and change blindness

Andrea Schankin, Dirk Hagemann, Edmund Wascher

Original Article

Working-memory performance is related to spatial breadth of attention

Carina Kreitz, Philip Furley, Daniel Memmert, Daniel J. Simons

Open Access Original Article

Effects of exposure to facial expression variation in face learning and recognition

Chang Hong Liu, Wenfeng Chen, James Ward

Original Article

Uncovering the interaction between empathetic pain and cognition

Kesong Hu, Zhiwei Fan, Shuchang He

Original Article

When the going gets tough…: Self-motivation is associated with invigoration and fun

Miguel Kazén, Julius Kuhl, Eva-Maria Leicht

Original Article

Why are we not flooded by involuntary autobiographical memories? Few cues are more effective than many

Manila Vannucci, Claudia Pelagatti, Maciej Hanczakowski, Giuliana Mazzoni, Claudia Rossi Paccani

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