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Psychological Research

Uitgave 3/2019

Inhoudsopgave (16 Artikelen)

Open Access Original Article

The roles of musical expertise and sensory feedback in beat keeping and joint action

Benjamin G. Schultz, Caroline Palmer

Original Article

Exploring the relationship between threat-related changes in anxiety, attention focus, and postural control

Kyle J. Johnson, Martin Zaback, Craig D. Tokuno, Mark G. Carpenter, Allan L. Adkin

Original Article

Flexible coupling of covert spatial attention and motor planning based on learned spatial contingencies

David Dignath, Oliver Herbort, Aleksandra Pieczykolan, Lynn Huestegge, Andrea Kiesel

Original Article

On the relation between reading difficulty and mind-wandering: a section-length account

Noah D. Forrin, Evan F. Risko, Daniel Smilek

Original Article

Are allocentric spatial reference frames compatible with theories of Enactivism?

Sabine U. König, Caspar Goeke, Tobias Meilinger, Peter König

Original Article

Episodic future thinking improves children’s prospective memory performance in a complex task setting with real life task demands

A. Kretschmer-Trendowicz, K. M. Schnitzspahn, L. Reuter, M. Altgassen

Original Article

Implicit sequence learning despite multitasking: the role of across-task predictability

Eva Röttger, Hilde Haider, Fang Zhao, Robert Gaschler

Original Article

Joint cognition and the role of human agency in random number choices

Yukio Maehara, Satoru Saito, John Nicholas Towse

Original Article

Set size influences the relationship between ANS acuity and math performance: a result of different strategies?

Julia Felicitas Dietrich, Hans-Christoph Nuerk, Elise Klein, Korbinian Moeller, Stefan Huber

Open Access Original Article

Within-person adaptivity in frugal judgments from memory

Elisa Filevich, Sebastian S. Horn, Simone Kühn