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Psychological Research

Uitgave 4/2019

Special Issue on Spontaneous Future Cognition

Inhoudsopgave (13 Artikelen)

Original Article

Spontaneous future cognitions: an integrative review

Dorthe Berntsen

Open Access Original Article

Why are we not flooded by involuntary thoughts about the past and future? Testing the cognitive inhibition dependency hypothesis

Krystian Barzykowski, Rémi Radel, Agnieszka Niedźwieńska, Lia Kvavilashvili

Original Article

Space–time interaction: visuo-spatial processing affects the temporal focus of mind wandering

Manila Vannucci, Claudia Pelagatti, Carlo Chiorri, Peter Brugger

Original Article

Inducing spontaneous future thoughts in younger and older adults by priming future-oriented personal goals

Magda Jordão, Maria Salomé Pinho, Peggy L. St. Jacques

Original Article

Absence of age effects on spontaneous past and future thinking in daily life

Elizabeth Ann Warden, Benjamin Plimpton, Lia Kvavilashvili

Original Article

Age-related changes in the temporal focus and self-referential content of spontaneous cognition during periods of low cognitive demand

Muireann Irish, Zoë-lee Goldberg, Sara Alaeddin, Claire O’Callaghan, Jessica R. Andrews-Hanna

Original Article

Children’s behavior and spontaneous talk in a future thinking task

Julian S. Caza, Cristina M. Atance

Open Access Original Article

Do children and adolescents have a future-oriented bias? A developmental study of spontaneous and cued past and future thinking

Teresa McCormack, Patrick Burns, Patrick O’Connor, Agnieszka Jaroslawska, Eugene M. Caruso

Open Access Original Article

Spontaneous cognition in dysphoria: reduced positive bias in imagining the future

Julie L. Ji, Emily A. Holmes, Colin MacLeod, Fionnuala C. Murphy

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