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Mindfulness 3/2021

Uitgave 3/2021


Inhoudsopgave (23 Artikelen)

09-10-2020 | REVIEW

The Relationship Between Physical Activity and Self-Compassion: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Ming Yu Claudia Wong, Pak-Kwong Chung, Ka-Man Leung

14-11-2020 | REVIEW

Mindfulness as Attention Training: Meta-Analyses on the Links Between Attention Performance and Mindfulness Interventions, Long-Term Meditation Practice, and Trait Mindfulness
Paul Verhaeghen

10-10-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Does Meditation Training Influence Social Approach and Avoidance Goals? Evidence from a Randomized Intervention Study of Midlife Adults
Brian P. Don, Sara B. Algoe, Barbara L. Fredrickson

Open Access 15-10-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Overcoming Fear by Recollecting the Buddha: His Role in Early Buddhist Texts
Bhikkhu Anālayo

29-10-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Yoga v Health Education for Attentional Processes Relevant to Major Depressive Disorder
Jessica L. West, Geoffrey Tremont, Ivan W. Miller, Lisa A. Uebelacker

24-10-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Applying Generalizability Theory to Differentiate Between Trait and State in the Interpersonal Mindfulness Scale (IMS)
Rebecca A. Chalmers, Steven D. Pratscher, B. Ann Bettencourt, Oleg N. Medvedev

Open Access 05-11-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Positive Shifts in Emotion Evaluation Following Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) in Remitted Depressed Participants
Kate Williams, Rebecca Elliott, Thorsten Barnhofer, Roland Zahn, Ian M. Anderson

22-10-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Applying Generalizability Theory to the Self-Compassion Scale to Examine State and Trait Aspects and Generalizability of Assessment Scores
Oleg N. Medvedev, Anastasia T. Dailianis, Yoon-Suk Hwang, Christian U. Krägeloh, Nirbhay N. Singh

27-10-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Age-related differences in instructed positive reappraisal and mindful attention
Brooke Brady, Craig Gonsalvez, Ian I. Kneebone, Ella Wufong, Phoebe E. Bailey

13-11-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Compassion for Oneself and Others Protects the Mental Health of First Responders
Mollie A. McDonald, Samantha J. Meckes, Cynthia L. Lancaster

27-10-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Dispositional Mindfulness Moderates the Relationship Between Family Risks and Chinese Parents’ Mental Health
Hui Wang, Zhuo Rachel Han, Jia Julia Yan, Nigela Ahemaitijiang

10-11-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Validation of the Fears of Compassion Scale in a Chinese Cultural Context
Mingchun Guo, Jingyun Wang, Jamin Day, James N. Kirby

05-11-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Differential Contribution of the Five Facets of Mindfulness to Well-being and Psychological Distress
Anja Roemer, Anna Sutton, Carsten Grimm, Oleg N. Medvedev

17-11-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Embracing the Intricacies of the Path Toward Mindfulness: Broadening Our Conceptualization of the Process of Cultivating Mindfulness in Day-to-Day Life by Developing the Unified Flexibility and Mindfulness Model
Ronald D. Rogge, Jennifer S. Daks

27-11-2020 | Original Paper

Kindergarten Teachers’ Mindfulness in Teaching and Burnout: The Mediating Role of Emotional Labor
Ying Ma, Fan Wang, Xiulan Cheng

02-01-2021 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Investigating Psychometric Properties of the Self-Compassion Scale Using Rasch Methodology
Kalolaine P. Finaulahi, Alexander Sumich, Nadja Heym, Oleg N. Medvedev

16-11-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Role of Self-compassion, Concern for Others, and Basic Psychological Needs in the Reduction of Caregiving Burnout
Zach Gerber, David Anaki

24-11-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Reduced Emotional Reactivity in Breast Cancer Survivors with Chronic Neuropathic Pain Following Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR): an fMRI Pilot Investigation
Taylor Hatchard, Ola Mioduszewski, Eve-Ling Khoo, Heather Romanow, Yaad Shergill, Emily Tennant, Allison Leeming, Zhuo Fang, Patricia Poulin, Andra M. Smith

Open Access 02-12-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Frequency of Self-reported Unpleasant Events and Harm in a Mindfulness-Based Program in Two General Population Samples
Ruth Baer, Catherine Crane, Jesus Montero-Marin, Alice Phillips, Laura Taylor, Alice Tickell, Willem Kuyken

13-11-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Facets of Mindfulness as Predictors of Emotional Distress Among Chinese Adults with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain
Shuanghong Chen, Beibei You, Todd Jackson


Meditation Is Not What you Think
Jon Kabat-Zinn


The Challenge of a Life’s Time—And a Lifetime
Jon Kabat-Zinn


Realization Is Here and Now
Ajahn Amaro

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