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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 11/2015

Uitgave 11/2015

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03-06-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015 Open Access

Do individuals with and without depression value depression differently? And if so, why?

Katerina Papageorgiou, Karin M. Vermeulen, Maya J. Schroevers, Anne M. Stiggelbout, Erik Buskens, Paul F. M. Krabbe, Edwin van den Heuvel, Adelita V. Ranchor

12-05-2015 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 11/2015

Gender differences in psychological well-being: tests of factorial invariance

Ren-Hau Li, Chih-Mei Kao, Yi-Ying Wu

24-05-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

How well are we measuring postoperative “recovery” after abdominal surgery?

Lawrence Lee, Teodora Dumitra, Julio F. Fiore Jr., Nancy E. Mayo, Liane S. Feldman

03-06-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

Reliability and construct validity of PROMIS® measures for patients with heart failure who undergo heart transplant

Kathryn E. Flynn, Mary Amanda Dew, Li Lin, Maria Fawzy, Felicia L. Graham, Elizabeth A. Hahn, Ron D. Hays, Robert L. Kormos, Honghu Liu, Mary McNulty, Kevin P. Weinfurt

03-06-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015 Open Access

Factor structure and construct validity of the Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit for Carers (ASCOT-Carer)

Stacey E. Rand, Juliette N. Malley, Ann P. Netten, Julien E. Forder

04-07-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

Construction of a Quality of Life Questionnaire for slowly progressive neuromuscular disease

Antoine Dany, Coralie Barbe, Amandine Rapin, Christian Réveillère, Jean-Benoit Hardouin, Isabella Morrone, Aurore Wolak-Thierry, Moustapha Dramé, Arnaud Calmus, Sabrina Sacconi, Guillaume Bassez, Vincent Tiffreau, Isabelle Richard, Benjamin Gallais, Hélène Prigent, Redha Taiar, Damien Jolly, Jean-Luc Novella, François Constant Boyer

03-06-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

Evaluation of the stages of completion and scoring of the Patient Generated Index (PGI) in patients with rheumatic diseases

Andrew M. Garratt

03-06-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

A new perspective on proxy report: Investigating implicit processes of understanding through patient–proxy congruence

Carolyn E. Schwartz, Armon Ayandeh, Jonathan D. Rodgers, Paul Duberstein, Bianca Weinstock-Guttman, Ralph H. B. Benedict

19-05-2015 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 11/2015

Validation of the Community Integration Questionnaire in the adult burn injury population

Paul Gerrard, Lewis E. Kazis, Colleen M. Ryan, Vivian L. Shie, Radha Holavanahalli, Austin Lee, Alan Jette, James A. Fauerbach, Peter Esselman, David Herndon, Jeffrey C. Schneider

24-05-2015 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 11/2015

The development of summary components for the Disablement in the Physically Active scale in collegiate athletes

Megan N. Houston, Johanna M. Hoch, Bonnie L. Van Lunen, Matthew C. Hoch

24-05-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

Short-term quality of life in patients undergoing colonic surgery using enhanced recovery after surgery program versus conventional perioperative management

Hao Wang, Dexiang Zhu, Li Liang, Lechi Ye, Qi Lin, Yunshi Zhong, Ye Wei, Li Ren, Jianmin Xu, Xinyu Qin

14-05-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

Fatigue trajectories during the first 8 months after breast cancer diagnosis

Hanne Bødtcher, Pernille Envold Bidstrup, Ingelise Andersen, Jane Christensen, Birgitte Goldschmidt Mertz, Christoffer Johansen, Susanne Oksbjerg Dalton

24-05-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

Benefit finding predicts depressive and anxious symptoms in women with breast cancer

Yuping Wang, Xiongzhao Zhu, Jinyao Yi, Lili Tang, Jincai He, Gannong Chen, Lingyan Li, Yuling Yang

23-05-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015 Open Access

Six years beyond pediatric trauma: child and parental ratings of children’s health-related quality of life in relation to parental mental health

Kerstin Prignitz Sluys, Margaretha Lannge, Lennart Iselius, Lars E. Eriksson

24-05-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

Predicting factors of health-related quality of life in octogenarians: a 3-year follow-up longitudinal study

Assumpta Ferrer, Francesc Formiga, Oriol Cunillera, M. Jesús Megido, Xavier Corbella, Jesús Almeda, Octabaix Study Group

19-05-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

Complex coevolution of depression and health-related quality of life in old age

André Hajek, Christian Brettschneider, Annette Ernst, Carolin Lange, Birgitt Wiese, Jana Prokein, Siegfried Weyerer, Jochen Werle, Michael Pentzek, Angela Fuchs, Janine Stein, Horst Bickel, Edelgard Mösch, Kathrin Heser, Frank Jessen, Wolfgang Maier, Martin Scherer, Steffi G. Riedel-Heller, Hans-Helmut König

23-05-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

Medication adherence on quality of life among adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus: an exploratory analysis on the EDDMQoL study

Boon-How Chew

13-05-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

Long-term health-related quality of life for patients with Hirschsprung’s disease at 5 years after transanal endorectal pull-through operation

Marwa Khalil

03-06-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

Child and adolescent perceptions of oral health over the life course

Carl A. Maida, Marvin Marcus, Ron D. Hays, Ian D. Coulter, Francisco Ramos-Gomez, Steve Y. Lee, Patricia S. McClory, Laura V. Van, Yan Wang, Jie Shen, Li Cai, Vladimir W. Spolsky, James J. Crall, Honghu Liu

03-06-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

Subjective perceptions of cognitive deficits and their influences on quality of life among patients with schizophrenia

Alejandra Caqueo-Urízar, Laurent Boyer, Karine Baumstarck, Stephen E. Gilman

21-04-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

EQ-5D-3L as a health measure of Brazilian adult population

Renata de Miranda Menezes, Mônica Viegas Andrade, Kenya Valéria Micaela de Souza Noronha, Paul Kind

03-06-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

Örebro Questionnaire: short and long forms of the Brazilian-Portuguese version

Felipe Ribeiro Cabral Fagundes, Leonardo Oliveira Pena Costa, Fernanda Ferreira Fuhro, Ana Carolina Tacollini Manzoni, Naiane Teixeira Bastos de Oliveira, Cristina Maria Nunes Cabral

22-05-2015 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 11/2015

Turkish version of the Johns Hopkins Restless Legs Syndrome Quality of Life Questionnaire (RLS-QoL): validity and reliability study

Sibel Güler, F. Nesrin Turan

03-06-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

Psychometric properties and feasibility of the Swedish version of the Philadelphia Geriatric Center Morale Scale

Johan Niklasson, Mia Conradsson, Carl Hörnsten, Fredrica Nyqvist, Mojgan Padyab, Björn Nygren, Birgitta Olofsson, Hugo Lövheim, Yngve Gustafson

03-06-2015 | Uitgave 11/2015

Health-related quality of life after stroke: reliability and validity of the Duke Health Profile for use in Vietnam

Pham L. Tran, C. Leigh Blizzard, Velandai Srikanth, Vo T. X. Hanh, Nguyen T. K. Lien, Nguyen H. Thang, Seana L. Gall

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