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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 10/2015

Inhoudsopgave (25 Artikelen)

Open Access

A longitudinal assessment of the responsiveness of the ICECAP-A in a randomised controlled trial of a knee pain intervention

T. Keeley, H. Al-Janabi, E. Nicholls, N. E. Foster, S. Jowett, J. Coast

Validation of the PROMIS physical function measures in a diverse US population-based cohort of cancer patients

Roxanne E. Jensen, Arnold L. Potosky, Bryce B. Reeve, Elizabeth Hahn, David Cella, James Fries, Ashley Wilder Smith, Theresa H. M. Keegan, Xiao-Cheng Wu, Lisa Paddock, Carol M. Moinpour

Does the COPD assessment test (CATTM) questionnaire produce similar results when self- or interviewer administered?

A. Agusti, J. J. Soler-Cataluña, J. Molina, E. Morejon, M. Garcia-Losa, M. Roset, X. Badia

QUAlity of Life Assessment in Spina bifida for Adults (QUALAS-A): development and international validation of a novel health-related quality of life instrument

Konrad M. Szymanski, Rosalia Misseri, Benjamin Whittam, Sonia-Maria Raposo, Shelly J. King, Martin Kaefer, Richard C. Rink, Mark P. Cain

Measurement invariance of English and French Health Education Impact Questionnaire (heiQ) empowerment scales validated for cancer

Jennifer Brunet, Sophie Lauzier, H. Sharon Campbell, Lise Fillion, Richard H. Osborne, Elizabeth Maunsell

Brief Communication

Measuring attachment to life in old age: the Portuguese version of the Positive Valuation of Life Scale (Positive VOL)

Lia Araújo, Oscar Ribeiro, Laetitia Teixeira, Maria João Azevedo, Daniela S. Jopp, Christoph Rott, Constança Paúl

Brief Communication

Validation of the Athens Insomnia Scale for screening insomnia in South Korean firefighters and rescue workers

Hyeonseok S. Jeong, Yujin Jeon, Jiyoung Ma, Yera Choi, Soonhyun Ban, Sooyeon Lee, Bora Lee, Jooyeon Jamie Im, Sujung Yoon, Jieun E. Kim, Jae-ho Lim, In Kyoon Lyoo

Brief Communication

Psychometric properties of Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Prostate (FACT-P) in Chinese patients with prostate cancer

Carlos K. H. Wong, Edmond P. H. Choi, James H. L. Tsu, Brian S. H. Ho, Ada T. L. Ng, W. Y. Chin, M. K. Yiu

Development of an Elderly Low Vision Quality of Life Questionnaire for less-developed areas of China

Xiaoman Li, Jie Chen, Gengui Xu, Yin Zhong, Longfei Jang, Li Lin, Fan Lu

The concept of physical limitations in knee osteoarthritis: as viewed by patients and health professionals

Louise Klokker, Richard Osborne, Eva E. Wæhrens, Ole Norgaard, Elisabeth Bandak, Henning Bliddal, Marius Henriksen


Living with oropharyngeal dysphagia: effects of bolus modification on health-related quality of life—a systematic review

Katina Swan, Renée Speyer, Bas J. Heijnen, Bethany Wagg, Reinie Cordier

Communicating patient-reported outcome scores using graphic formats: results from a mixed-methods evaluation

Michael D. Brundage, Katherine C. Smith, Emily A. Little, Elissa T. Bantug, Claire F. Snyder

How to interpret multidimensional quality of life questionnaires for patients with schizophrenia?

Pierre Michel, Pascal Auquier, Karine Baumstarck, Anderson Loundou, Badih Ghattas, Christophe Lançon, Laurent Boyer

Brief Communication

Anxiety and insomnia as modifiable risk factors for somatic symptoms in Chinese: a general population-based study

Janet Yuen-Ha Wong, Daniel Yee-Tak Fong, Kelvin Ki-Wan Chan

Quality of life changes in patients undergoing treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma

Wei-Chu Chie, Fang Yu, Mengqian Li, Lorena Baccaglini, Jane M. Blazeby, Chin-Fu Hsiao, Herng-Chia Chiu, Ronnie T. Poon, Naoko Mikoshiba, Gillian Al-Kadhimi, Nigel Heaton, Jozer Calara, Peter Collins, Katharine Caddick, Anna Costantini, Valerie Vilgrain, Chieh Chiang

The added effect of comorbidity on health-related quality of life in patients with asthma

Wenjia Chen, Larry D. Lynd, J. Mark FitzGerald, Carlo A. Marra, Roxanne Rousseau, Mohsen Sadatsafavi

Open Access

Can adult weights be used to value child health states? Testing the influence of perspective in valuing EQ-5D-Y

Paul Kind, Kristina Klose, Narcis Gusi, Pedro R. Olivares, Wolfgang Greiner

Brief Communication

Validity of EQ-5D in general population of Taiwan: results of the 2009 National Health Interview and Drug Abuse Survey of Taiwan

Sheng-Tsung Yu, Hsing-Yi Chang, Kai-Ping Yao, Yu-Hsuan Lin, Baai-Shyun Hurng

Factors associated with the quality of life of Korean COPD patients as measured by the EQ-5D

Ji Young Hong, Song Yee Kim, Kyung Soo Chung, Eun Young Kim, Ji Ye Jung, Moo Suk Park, Young Ae Kang, Se Kyu Kim, Joon Chang, Young Sam Kim

Brazilian urban population norms derived from the health-related quality of life SF-6D

Rozana Mesquita Ciconelli, Marcos Bosi Ferraz, Sérgio Kowalski, Geraldo da Rocha Castelar Pinheiro, Emilia Inoue Sato