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Psychological Research

Uitgave 4/2023

Inhoudsopgave (25 Artikelen)


Effects of the use of autobiographical photographs on emotional induction in older adults: a systematic review

Abel Toledano-González, Dulce Romero-Ayuso, Dolores Fernández-Pérez, Marta Nieto, Jorge Javier Ricarte, Beatriz Navarro-Bravo, Laura Ros, José Miguel Latorre

Open Access Original Article

Perception and action as viewed from the Theory of Event Coding: a multi-lab replication and effect size estimation of common experimental designs

Markus Janczyk, Carina G. Giesen, Birte Moeller, David Dignath, Roland Pfister

Open Access Original Article

The network of the subjective experience in embodiment phenomena

Giorgia Tosi, Daniele Romano

Open Access Original Article

Implicit and explicit learning of socio-emotional information in a dynamic interaction with a virtual avatar

Andrei R. Costea, Răzvan Jurchiș, Laura Visu-Petra, Axel Cleeremans, Elisbeth Norman, Adrian Opre

Open Access Original Article

Your words went straight to my heart: the role of emotional prototypicality in the recognition of emotion-label words

Juan Haro, Rocío Calvillo, Claudia Poch, José Antonio Hinojosa, Pilar Ferré

Open Access Original Article

Novelty detection and orienting: effects on skin conductance and heart rate

Heinz Zimmer, Fabian Richter

Open Access Original Article

The joint effect of framing and defaults on choice behavior

Felice Giuliani, Loreta Cannito, Gilberto Gigliotti, Angelo Rosa, Davide Pietroni, Riccardo Palumbo

Open Access Original Article

Hands-on false memories: a combined study with distributional semantics and mouse-tracking

Daniele Gatti, Marco Marelli, Giuliana Mazzoni, Tomaso Vecchi, Luca Rinaldi

Original Article

Working memory control predicts fixation duration in scene-viewing

Zoe Loh, Elizabeth H. Hall, Deborah Cronin, John M. Henderson

Original Article

On the importance of contextual cues for spontaneous recall in 35- and 46-month-old children

Trine Sonne, Osman S. Kingo, Dorthe Berntsen, Peter Krøjgaard

Open Access Original Article

Examining the effect size and duration of retrieval-induced facilitation

Mercedes T. Oliva, Benjamin C. Storm

Open Access Original Article

On the emergence of the in–out effect across trials: two items do the trick

Sascha Topolinski, Lea Boecker, Charlotte S. Löffler, Beatriz Gusmão, Moritz Ingendahl

Open Access Original Article

Element-level features in conjoint episodes in dual-tasking

Lasse Pelzer, Christoph Naefgen, Robert Gaschler, Hilde Haider

Open Access Original Article

People perception and stereotype-based responding: task context matters

Linn M. Persson, Johanna K. Falbén, Dimitra Tsamadi, C. Neil Macrae

Open Access Original Article

The SNARC effect: a preregistered study on the interaction of horizontal, vertical, and sagittal spatial–numerical associations

Sara Aleotti, Stefano Massaccesi, Konstantinos Priftis

Open Access Original Article

Pilot testing of an adaptive, individualized inhibitory control training for binge drinking: first evidence on feasibility, acceptance, and efficacy

Daniela Reichl, Niklas Enewoldsen, Astrid Müller, Sabine Steins-Loeber

Original Article

Perceptual grouping in complex rhythmic patterns

Lars Dietmar Hestermann, Johan Wagemans, Ralf T. Krampe

Original Article

Reading about a RELO-VUTION

Manuel Perea, Ana Marcet, Ana Baciero, Pablo Gómez