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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Uitgave 4/2022

Inhoudsopgave (23 Artikelen)

Stability of Sluggish Cognitive Tempo Compared to Externalizing and Internalizing Parent Symptom Ratings from Age 9 to 8-Years Follow-up in a Population-Based Sample

Susan D. Mayes, Daniel A. Waschbusch, Richard E. Mattison, Rachel Kallus, Raman Baweja, Julio Fernandez-Mendoza, Susan L. Calhoun

Open Access

Screening for PTSD and functional impairment in trauma-exposed young children: evaluation of alternative CBCL-PTSD subscales

Lasse Bartels, Ann-Christin Haag, Fabia Keller, Eric A. Storch, Alexandra De Young, Alison Salloum, Markus A. Landolt

Cognitive Reappraisal and Expressive Suppression Moderate the Association Between Social Anxiety and Depression

Matt R. Judah, Alicia L. Milam, Nathan M. Hager, Taylor N. Webb, Hannah C. Hamrick, Alan Meca

Coping with COVID Stress: Maladaptive and Adaptive Response Styles Predicting College Student Internalizing Symptom Dimensions

Jennifer J. Wicks, Morgan M. Taylor, Alyssa N. Fassett-Carman, Chiara R. Neilson, Elena C. Peterson, Roselinde H. Kaiser, Hannah R. Snyder

Development and Preliminary Validation of the Pandemic Avoidance and Concern Scales (PACS)

Andrew R. Daoust, Kasey Stanton, Matthew R. J. Vandermeer, Pan Liu, Kate L. Harkness, Elizabeth P. Hayden

How is Multidimensional Trait Perfectionism Related to Anxiety Across Time in First-Generation Secondary Students?

Natalie Spadafora, Melissa Blackburn, Tabitha Methot-Jones, Dawn Zinga, Danielle S. Molnar

Quantitative Head Dynamics Associated with Interpersonal (Grandiose-Manipulative) Psychopathic Traits in Incarcerated Youth

Samantha N. Rodriguez, Aparna R. Gullapalli, J. Michael Maurer, Palmer S. Tirrell, Ugesh Egala, Nathaniel E. Anderson, Carla L. Harenski, Kent A. Kiehl

Validation of the BFI-10-R: A New BFI Scale with Strong Structural and Construct Validity

Bryant M. Stone, Emily M. Bartholomay, Amanda B. Chamberlain

Co-occurrence of Psychopathology Problems in At-Risk Adolescents

June-Yung Kim, Sonia Minnes, Meeyoung O. Min, Ty A. Ridenour

Psychometric Properties of the Chinese Version of the Substance Use Risk Profile Scale

Daoyang Wang, Jie Luo, Shuting Li, Mingming Hu, Cuicui Wang

Open Access

Validation of the “Study-Anxiety” Questionnaire: a scale for the initial assessment of university students seeking psychological help

Nicole Casali, Marta Ghisi, Roberta Rizzato, Chiara Meneghetti, Rossana De Beni

An Evaluation of the Diagnostic Assessment Research Tool (DART) Screener for DSM-5 Disorders

Elizabeth J. Pawluk, Natalia Musielak, Irena Milosevic, Karen Rowa, Philippe Shnaider, Luke H. Schneider, Martin M. Antony, Randi E. McCabe