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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 10/2020

Uitgave 10/2020

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13-08-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

Testing the Family Stress Model among Black Women Receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Samantha C. Holmes, Maria M. Ciarleglio, Xuemei Song, Ashley Clayton, Megan V. Smith

10-07-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

The Home-based Involvement Experiences of Low-income Latino Families with Preschoolers Transitioning to Kindergarten: Qualitative Findings

Sarai Coba-Rodriguez, Elizabeth Cambray-Engstrom, Robin L. Jarrett

08-07-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

Parental Cultural Socialization Practices among Underrepresented Ethnoracial Groups in a Predominantly White Rural College Community

Grevelin Ulerio, Jasmine A. Mena

09-07-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

Parenting Factors Predicting Substance Use and Aggression among Latino/a Adolescents: The Moderating Role of Cultural Values

Cixin Wang, Tanya Nieri, Kieu Anh Do, Elizabeth Llanes

10-07-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

Racial and Ethnic Comparison of Ecological Risk Factors and Youth Outcomes: A Test of the Desensitization Hypothesis

Pan Chen, Dexter R. Voisin, Phillip L. Marotta, Kristen C. Jacobson

02-07-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020 Open Access

Is the Development of Family Functioning Dependent on Trajectories of Antisocial Behavior? A TRAILS Study

Sjoerd van Halem, Margot Peeters, Wilma A. M. Vollebergh

20-07-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

Family Functioning and Adjustment in Appalachian Youth: Moderating Role of Extracurricular Participation

Rebecca L. Shorter, L. Christian Elledge

25-06-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

The Moral Emotions of Guilt and Shame in Children: Relationship with Parenting and Temperament

Margarida Amorim dos Santos, Josefina Maria de Freitas e Castro, Carla Sofia de Freitas Lino Pinto Cardoso

10-07-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

Adolescent Family Experiences Predict Young Adult Educational Attainment: A Data-Based Cross-Study Synthesis With Machine Learning

Xiaoran Sun, Nilam Ram, Susan M. McHale

17-08-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

Child Hostility toward a Parent with a History of Depression and Family Functioning

Danielle R. Rice, Alexandra D. W. Sullivan, Rex L. Forehand, Kelly H. Watson, Alexandra H. Bettis, Meredith Gruhn, Bruce E. Compas

29-07-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

A Quasi-Experimental Study of the Respectful Approach on Early Parenting Competence and Stress

Amanda C. Richardson, Johnny Lo, Lynn Priddis, Therese A. O’Sullivan

09-06-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

Family Treatment Court-Involved Parents’ Perceptions of their Substance Use and Parenting

Margaret H. Lloyd Sieger, Robert Haswell

10-08-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

Parental Empowerment and Child Behavioral Problems in Single and Two-Parent Families During Family Treatment

Harm Damen, Jan W. Veerman, Ad A. Vermulst, Ingrid Westerdijk, Ron H. J. Scholte

07-08-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

A Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Caring in Chaos—A Volunteer-delivered Parent Training Program in Denmark

Christoffer Scavenius, Anna Amilon, Esben Anton Schultz

15-02-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

Using Focus Groups to Understand the Dynamics of Mothers and Daughters on Social Networking Sites

Sara Santarossa, Sarah J. Woodruff

24-06-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

The Relation between Electronic Game Play and Executive Function among Preschoolers

Xiaohui Yang, Zhenhong Wang, Xiaoju Qiu, Liqi Zhu

05-08-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

Exploring the Reliability and Validity of the TechU-Q to Evaluate Device and Purpose Specific Screen Use in Preschool Children and Parents

Erin K. Howie, Shelley McNally, Leon M. Straker

25-06-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

Parental Concerns about their School-aged Children’s Use of Digital Devices

Marie Danet

26-06-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

Examination of the Relationship between Cyberbullying and Cyber Victimization

Hatice Yildiz Durak, Mustafa Saritepeci

26-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

Coming Out to Siblings and Parents in an Italian Sample of Lesbian Women and Gay Men

Jessica Pistella, Victoria Caricato, Roberto Baiocco

24-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020 Open Access

Paternity Uncertainty or Male Dominance? Paternal versus Maternal Grandmothers’ Contribution to Children’s Schooling in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sandor Schrijner, Jeroen Smits

07-12-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

A Closer Look at Sexual Passion in Relationships

Dean M. Busby, Nathan D. Leonhardt, Spencer James

12-12-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

Applications of Artificial Intelligence Methodologies to Behavioral and Social Sciences

Mihaela Robila, Stefan A. Robila

01-05-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020

Effects of Socialization on Adolescent Sexual Behaviors in Lao PDR

Ji-Eun Lee, Ji-Hoon Park

15-05-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2020 Open Access

We are in this Together: Retrospective Parentification, Sibling Relationships, and Self-Esteem

Judyta Borchet, Aleksandra Lewandowska-Walter, Piotr Połomski, Aleksandra Peplińska, Lisa M. Hooper

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