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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 9/2023

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Roald A. Øien, Lynn Kern Koegel

Open Access Original Paper

Developing the Parent-Coaching Assessment, Individualization, and Response to Stressors (PAIRS) Tool for Behavior Analysts

Cressida Pacia, Ciara Gunning, Aoife McTiernan, Jennifer Holloway

Original Paper

Cognitive predictors of Social processing in congenital atypical development

Elisabetta Ferrari, Niccolò Butti, Chiara Gagliardi, Romina Romaniello, Renato Borgatti, Cosimo Urgesi

S:I: .Developmental Approach and Targeted Treatment of Sensory Alterations

Designing a Sensory Kit to Improve the Environment for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Pediatric Emergency Department

Sasha Litwin, Kate Sellen

Open Access Original Paper

“Stop and just breathe for a minute”: perspectives of children on the Autism Spectrum and their caregivers on a Mindfulness Group

Megan K. Hatfield, Emma Ashcroft, Siobhan Maguire, Lauren Kershaw, Marina Ciccarelli

Open Access Original Paper

Understanding and Supporting Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the Primary School Classroom: Perspectives of Children with ADHD and their Teachers

Emily McDougal, Claire Tai, Tracy M. Stewart, Josephine N. Booth, Sinéad M. Rhodes

Open Access Original Paper

The Autism Impact Measure (AIM): Meaningful Change Thresholds and Core Symptom Changes Over One Year from an Online Survey in the U.S.

Mariabeth Silkey, Gonzalo Durán-Pacheco, Michelle Johnson, Chuang Liu, Susanne Clinch, Kiely Law, Georg Loss

Open Access Original Paper

Coping with uncertainty in everyday situations (CUES©) to address intolerance of uncertainty in autistic children: an intervention feasibility trial

Jacqui Rodgers, Jane Goodwin, Deborah Garland, Victoria Grahame, Lucy Isard, Ashleigh Kernohan, Marie Labus, Mr Malcolm Osborne, Jeremy R Parr, Priyanka Rob, Catharine Wright, Mark Freeston

Open Access Original Paper

Autistic Traits and College Adjustment

Jane D. McLeod, Elizabeth M. Anderson

Open Access Original Paper

Is quality of life related to high autistic traits, high ADHD traits and their Interaction? Evidence from a Young-Adult Community-Based twin sample

Simone J. Capp, Jessica Agnew-Blais, Alex Lau-Zhu, Emma Colvert, Charlotte Tye, Ümit Aydin, Alexandra Lautarescu, Claire Ellis, Tyler Saunders, Lucy O’Brien, Angelica Ronald, Francesca Happé, Gráinne McLoughlin

Original Paper

Effects of a 9-Month Military-Base Internship on the Competitive Integrated Employment of Military Dependent and Connected Youth with ASD

Paul Wehman, Carol Schall, Lauren Avellone, Jennifer McDonough, Holly Whittenburg, Thomas Dubois, Michael Broda

Original Paper

Finding Benefit and Feeling Strain in Parenting a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Haley C. Adams, Kimberly R. Zlomke, Kristina G. Rossetti

Open Access Original Paper

Video Game Use, Aggression, and Social Impairment in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Konnor Davis, Ana-Maria Iosif, Christine Wu Nordahl, Marjorie Solomon, Marie K. Krug

S.I. :Impact of Assistive Technology in Special Education

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Audio-Visual Automatic Speech Recognition Towards Education for Disabilities

Saswati Debnath, Pinki Roy, Suyel Namasudra, Ruben Gonzalez Crespo

Open Access Original Paper

Discovery of eQTL Alleles Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Case–Control Study

Allison R. Hickman, Bradley Selee, Rini Pauly, Benafsh Husain, Yuqing Hang, Frank Alex Feltus


Development and Parasympathetic Regulation in Male and Female Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Two-Timepoint Longitudinal Study

Rachael A. Muscatello, Aaron Pachol, Alexandra Romines, Ian Smith, Blythe A. Corbett

Open Access Original Paper

Are there gender-based variations in the presentation of Autism amongst female and male children?

Sarah Mae Simcoe, John Gilmour, Michelle S. Garnett, Tony Attwood, Caroline Donovan, Adrian B. Kelly

Original Paper

Distinct Symptom Network Structure and Shared Central Social Communication Symptomatology in Autism and Schizophrenia: A Bayesian Network Analysis

Gloria T. Han, Dominic A. Trevisan, Jennifer Foss-Feig, Vinod Srihari, James C. McPartland

Original Paper

Layer-Specific Changes in the Prefrontal Glia/Neuron Ratio Characterizes Patches of Gene Expression Disorganization in Children with Autism

Livia Nascimento Rabelo, José Pablo Gonçalves Queiroz, Carla Cristina Miranda Castro, Sayonara Pereira Silva, Laura Damasceno Campos, Larissa Camila Silva, Ezequiel Batista Nascimento, Veronica Martínez-Cerdeño, Felipe Porto Fiuza

Original Paper

Theory of Mind Predicts Social Interaction in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Two-Year Follow-Up Study

Hsiu-Man Chiu, Cheng-Te Chen, Ching-Hong Tsai, Hsing-Jung Li, Chin-Chin Wu, Chien-Yu Huang, Kuan-Lin Chen

Original Paper

Feasibility of Actigraphy for Evaluating Sleep and Daytime Physical Activity in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

M. L. Alder, C. R. Johnson, J. A. Zauszniewski, B. A. Malow, C. J. Burant, L. Scahill

Original Paper

Optimizing Parent Training to Improve Oral Health Behavior and Outcomes in Underserved Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Rachel M. Fenning, Eric M. Butter, Megan Norris, James Chan, Eric A. Macklin, Kelly McKinnon-Bermingham, Charles Albright, Kevin G. Stephenson, Jessica Scherr, Jacquelyn Moffitt, Amy Hess, Robin Steinberg-Epstein, Karen A. Kuhlthau



Fred Volkmar

Original Paper

Teaching Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to Answer Questions Using an iPad-Based Speech-Generating Device

Derya Genc-Tosun, Onur Kurt, Zehra Cevher, Emily Victoria Gregori