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Journal of Child and Family Studies 10/2022
Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 10/2022


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Open Access 04-01-2022 | Original Paper

A Lot of Warmth and a Bit of Control? How Parenting Mediates the Relationship Between Parental Personality and Their Children’s Mental Health Problems
Caroline Cohrdes, Kristin Göbel

Open Access 05-01-2022 | Original Paper

Raising Children in the Context of Rapid Social Change: Parenting Self-Efficacy of South Korean Mothers
Kaley N. Curtis, Ayumi Nagase, Soojung Kim, Susan D. Holloway

24-06-2022 | Original Paper

Parenting Characteristics Protective Against Substance Use and Deviant Peer Involvement in High-Risk Neighborhoods
Stacy R. Ryan-Pettes, Katherine I. Magnuson, Hannah Skiest, Patricia A. Brennan, Cheryl Maxson

25-07-2022 | Original Paper

“All About How You Couch It:” African American Fathers’ Visions of Interventions for their Sons
Otima Doyle, Qiana R. Cryer-Coupet, Branden A. McLeod

Open Access 30-07-2022 | Original Paper

Parental Self-Efficacy and Intra- and Extra-Familial Relationships
Anne-Elina Salo, Niina Junttila, Marja Vauras

09-08-2022 | Original Paper

Mothers’ Emotional Reactions towards Chinese Preschoolers’ Behavioral Problems: Examining the Specificity of Emotions and Contexts
Xile Li, Arya Ansari, Pingyuan Gao, Ni Yan

20-08-2022 | Original Paper

Black Parenting Couples’ Ethnic-Racial Socialization Profiles: Associations with Sociodemographic and Race-Related Correlates
Shawn C. T. Jones, Shalonda Kelly, Aleja Parsons, Gihane Jérémie-Brink

13-05-2022 | Original Paper

Validation of the Inventory of Parent and Peer Attachment in Cypriot Clinical and non-Clinical Adolescents
Constantina Demetriou, Kyriakos Charalampous, Bilge Uzun, Cecilia A. Essau

24-06-2022 | Original Paper

An Investigation of a Polish Version of the Parentification Inventory
Judyta Borchet, Lisa M. Hooper, Aleksandra Lewandowska-Walter, Piotr Połomski, Aleksandra Peplińska, Teresa Rostowska

21-07-2022 | Original Paper

The Short-Form of the Coparenting Across Family Structures Scale (CoPAFS-27): A Confirmatory Factor Analysis
Michael A. Saini, Marsha Kline Pruett, Jonathan Alschech

04-08-2022 | Original Paper

Psychometric Properties of the Perceived Stress Scale in Youth with Mental Illness
Sydney Whitney, Alexander W. M. Luther, Mark A. Ferro

04-08-2022 | Original Paper

Validation of the Adolescent Attachment Anxiety and Avoidance Inventory among Canadian Secondary School Students
Ryan J. Persram, Chiaki Konishi

28-01-2022 | Original Paper

Perceived Parental Monitoring and Online Deviant Behavior Among Chinese Adolescents: a Moderated Mediation Model
Cancan Jin, Bochen Wang, Aitong Ji, Baobao Zhao

Open Access 19-02-2022 | Original Paper

Muslim Adolescent Mental Health in Australia: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Risk of Developing Clinically Significant Psychological Problems
Rony Kayrouz, Eyal Karin, Carawan Ghanem, Nafisa Choudhury, Ahmad Malas

22-03-2022 | Original Paper

In Which Situations Do Adolescents Seek Parental Support and What Do They Need?
Yanine B. de Jonge, Maaike H. Nauta, Guy Bosmans

Open Access 26-03-2022 | Original Paper

Adolescent Mental Health Resilience and Combinations of Caregiver Monitoring and Warmth: A Person-centred Perspective
Linda Theron, Sebastiaan Rothmann, Alexander Makhnach, Michael Ungar

30-06-2022 | Original Paper

Examining the Association between Family Environment and Adolescent Delinquent Behaviours in China
Yanghua Huang, Shelley McKeown

02-08-2022 | Original Paper

Parental Beliefs about Anxiety as a Mediator of Parental Overcontrol and Adolescent Anxiety
Sarah E. Francis, Shannon Manley

Open Access 01-08-2022 | Original Paper

Assessing Adolescents’ Information Management with Mothers and Fathers: A Brief Report
Antonia Jiménez-Iglesias, Irene García-Moya, Carmen Moreno

Open Access 16-09-2022 | Author Correction

Author Correction: Assessing Adolescents’ Information Management with Mothers and Fathers: A Brief Report
Antonia Jiménez-Iglesias, Irene García-Moya, Carmen Moreno

Open Access 16-09-2022 | Invited Paper

Correction to: “Experiences of Having a Parent with Serious Mental Illness: an Interpretive Meta-synthesis of Qualitative Literature”
Anna Rignér, Martin Salzmann-Erikson

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