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Cognitive Therapy and Research 6/2021
Cognitive Therapy and Research

Uitgave 6/2021


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Open Access 09-02-2021 | Original Article

Towards a Reformulated Theory Underlying Schema Therapy: Position Paper of an International Workgroup
Arnoud Arntz, Marleen Rijkeboer, Edward Chan, Eva Fassbinder, Alp Karaosmanoglu, Christopher William Lee, Marta Panzeri

26-04-2021 | Original Article

Emotion Dysregulation within the CBT-E Model of Eating Disorders: A Narrative Review
Nora Trompeter, Kay Bussey, Miriam K. Forbes, Deborah Mitchison

15-03-2021 | Original Article

The Automaticity of Positive and Negative Thinking: A Scoping Review of Mental Habits
Eamon Colvin, Benjamin Gardner, Patrick R. Labelle, Darcy Santor

21-04-2021 | Original Article

Emotion Regulation and Repetitive Negative Thinking Before and After CBT and SSRI Treatment of Internalizing Psychopathologies
Cope Feurer, Jennifer Francis, Olusola Ajilore, Michelle G. Craske, K. Luan Phan, Heide Klumpp

Open Access 20-02-2021 | Original Article

Dyadic Emotion Regulation in Women with Borderline Personality Disorder
Annemarie Miano, Sven Barnow, Stina Wagner, Stefan Roepke, Isabel Dziobek

Open Access 25-05-2021 | Original Article

Psychological and Physiological Effects of Imagery Rescripting for Aversive Autobiographical Memories
Miriam Strohm, Marena Siegesleitner, Anna E. Kunze, Gabriela G. Werner, Thomas Ehring, Charlotte E. Wittekind

04-02-2021 | Original Article

Metacognitions and Obsessive Beliefs in Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder: A Study of Within- and Between-Person Effects on Long-Term Outcome
Tor Sunde, Sverre Urnes Johnson, Joseph A. Himle, Thomas Bjerregaard Bertelsen, Vegard Øksendal Haaland, Patrick A. Vogel, Liv Tveit Walseth, Åshild Tellefsen Haaland

23-02-2021 | Original Article

Reappraisal and Suppression Each Moderate the Association Between Stress and Suicidal Ideation: Preliminary Evidence From a Daily Diary Study
Peter J. Franz, Evan M. Kleiman, Matthew K. Nock

Open Access 25-02-2021 | Original Article

Gait Patterns and Mood in Everyday Life: A Comparison Between Depressed Patients and Non-depressed Controls
Dirk Adolph, Wolfgang Tschacher, Helen Niemeyer, Johannes Michalak

09-03-2021 | Original Article

The Role of Emotional Memory in Reappraising Negative Self-referent Thoughts
Inés Nieto, Ernst H. W. Koster, Jonas Everaert

Open Access 11-03-2021 | Original Article

Does Test Anxiety Predispose Poor School-Related Wellbeing and Enhanced Risk of Emotional Disorders?
David W. Putwain, Diahann Gallard, Joanna Beaumont, Kristina Loderer, Nathaniel P. von der Embse

09-04-2021 | Correction

Correction to: Does Test Anxiety Predispose Poor School‑Related Wellbeing and Enhanced Risk of Emotional Disorders?
David W. Putwain, Diahann Gallard, Joanna Beaumont, Kristina Loderer, Nathaniel P. von der Embse

08-04-2021 | Original Article

Understanding the Dynamic Interaction of Maladaptive Social-Evaluative Beliefs and Social Anxiety: A Latent Change Score Model Approach
Quincy J. J. Wong, Alexandre Heeren

20-04-2021 | Original Article

Rescripting Social Trauma: A Pilot Study Investigating Imagery Rescripting as an Adjunct to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder
Alice R. Norton, Maree J. Abbott, Katie A. Dobinson, Karen L. Pepper, Adam J. Guastella

15-04-2021 | Original Article

Attentional Control Moderates the Relations between Intolerance of Uncertainty and Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Symptoms
Kevin G. Saulnier, Nicholas P. Allan, Matt R. Judah, Brandon Koscinski, Nathan M. Hager, Brian Albanese, Ashley A. Knapp, Norman B. Schmidt

15-05-2021 | Original Article

Distress Intolerance Prospectively Predicts Traumatic Intrusions Following an Experimental Trauma in a Non-clinical Sample
Brian J. Albanese, Thomas J. Preston, Carter Bedford, Richard J. Macatee, Norman B. Schmidt

Open Access 10-05-2021 | Original Article

A Randomised Comparison of Values and Goals, Versus Goals Only and Control, for High Nonclinical Paranoia
M. Davies, L. Ellett, J. Kingston

12-05-2021 | Original Article

Cognitive Reactivity Related to Coping Behaviors: An Assessment of Explicit and Implicit Dimensions in Clinical Depression
Xiao-Miao Li, Keith S. Dobson

21-04-2021 | Original Article

Cognitive Bias and Medication Use Moderate the Relation of Socratic Questioning and Symptom Change in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy of Depression
Lisa N. Vittorio, Justin D. Braun, Jennifer S. Cheavens, Daniel R. Strunk

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