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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Uitgave 3/2023

Inhoudsopgave (17 Artikelen)

Open Access Original Article

Transdiagnostic Cognitive Behavioral Group Interventions: A Systematic Review

Stephanie Bittencourt Joaquim, Raquel Simões de Almeida, António J. Marques

Original Article

The Moderating Role of Intolerance of Uncertainty in the Relationship Between Health Anxiety and Pandemic-Related Stress

Samantha D. Sorid, David L. Yap, Adrian J. Bravo, Evelyn Behar

Original Article

Longitudinal Relations Between Emotion Regulation and Internalizing Symptoms in Emerging Adults During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Xinran Niu, Morgan M. Taylor, Jennifer J. Wicks, Alyssa N. Fassett-Carman, Amelia D. Moser, Chiara Neilson, Elena C. Peterson, Roselinde H. Kaiser, Hannah R. Snyder

Original Article

Predictors of Full Recovery in Individuals with Emotional Disorders: One-Year Follow-Up Secondary Analysis of the PsicAP Randomized Controlled Trial

César González-Blanch, Leonardo Adrián Medrano, Paloma Ruíz-Rodríguez, Roger Muñoz-Navarro, Juan A. Moriana, Antonio Cano-Vindel

Open Access Original Article

Beyond Positive Affect: Discrete Positive Emotions Differentiate Major Depression from Social Anxiety Disorder

Angela A. Chin, Alison M. Sweet, Charles T. Taylor

Original Article

Reduced Attention Towards Accomplishments Mediates the Effect of Self-Critical Rumination on Regret

Jens Allaert, Rudi De Raedt, Alvaro Sanchez-Lopez, Hanne September, Marie-Anne Vanderhasselt

Open Access Original Article

Multimodal Remote Research on Social Anxiety Using a New Teleconferencing Paradigm

Mikael Rubin, Eli S. Gebhardt, Luna Malloy, Michael J. Telch

Open Access Brief Report

Return to Baseline After an Interpretation Training as a Dynamic Predictor for Treatment Response in Social Anxiety Disorder

Lynn Mobach, Rachel van Loenen, Esther Allart-van Dam, Denny Borsboom, Reinout W. Wiers, Elske Salemink

Open Access Original Article

Perfectionism as Possible Predictor for Treatment Success in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Metacognitive Training as Third-Wave Treatments for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Nathalie Claus, Franziska Miegel, Lena Jelinek, Sarah Landmann, Steffen Moritz, Anne Katrin Külz, Julian Rubel, Barbara Cludius

Original Article

Anxiety as a Predictor of Emotional and Cognitive Reactivity both Within and Between People

Abbegail J. Lovette, Megan E. Gabruk, Yinghao Zhang, Cassandra R. Mick, Rachel A. Wilson, Bunmi O. Olatunji, David A. Cole

Open Access Original Article

Effects of Training Body-Related Interpretations on Panic-Related Cognitions and Symptoms

Felix Würtz, Shari Steinman, Simon E. Blackwell, Frank H. Wilhelm, Andrea Reinecke, Dirk Adolph, Jürgen Margraf, Marcella L. Woud

Original Article

What Cognitions Best Predict Disturbed Anger in Adults? A Revision of the Anger Cognitions Scale

Raymond DiGiuseppe, Amanda Fisher, Joanne Raptis, Katharine Romero, Annette Schieffelin, William Chaplin