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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Uitgave 2/2024

Inhoudsopgave (13 Artikelen)

Original Article

A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study Exploring the Additive Clinical Effect of Cognitive Bias Modification-Memory in Depressed Inpatients

Janna N. Vrijsen, Hanah Windbergs, Eni S. Becker, Norbert Scherbaum, Bernhard W. Müller, Indira Tendolkar

Open Access Original Article

Reduced Belief Updating in the Context of Depressive Symptoms: An Investigation of the Associations with Interpretation Biases and Self-Evaluation

Felix Würtz, Tobias Kube, Marcella L. Woud, Jürgen Margraf, Simon E. Blackwell

Open Access Original Article

Body, Breath, and Mind: Feasibility of an Internet Intervention for Depressive Symptoms Combining Qi Gong and Behavioral Activation

Johannes Michalak, Tobias Puntke, Leonie Trimpop, Annette Bohn, Estelle Schell, Hannah Reichert, Kerstin Senker, Thomas Heidenreich

Original Article

A Schema Conceptualisation of Psychosocial Functioning Among Transitioned Military Personnel

Megan A. Fry, Mark J. Boschen, Shirley A. Morrissey, Ozgur Yalcin, Nicola W. Burton

Original Article

Predictors of Excessive Reassurance Seeking in Social Anxiety

Van Bui, David A. Moscovitch

Open Access Original Article

Association Between Judgment Biases During Facial Processing and Body Dysmorphic Symptomatology

Fanny Alexandra Dietel, Laura Jacobs, Rebecca Onken, Ulrike Buhlmann, Colin MacLeod, Laura Dondzilo

Original Article

Cognitive biases involving readiness to categorise food in terms of calorie content in anorexia nervosa

Laura Dondzilo, Andrea Phillipou, Stephanie Miles, Nienke Jonker, Emily Jeffery, Colin MacLeod

Open Access Original Article

Entrée or Sampler? A Randomized Controlled Trial of Two Approaches to Single Session Internet-Based Interventions

Graham C. Bartels, Jennifer S. Cheavens, Daniel R. Strunk