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Cognitive Therapy and Research 5/2022
Cognitive Therapy and Research

Uitgave 5/2022


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Open Access 15-06-2022 | Original Article

Can we Modulate Therapeutic Interpersonal Style Experimentally to Address Alliance? A Proof-of-Concept Study
Isabel Schamong, Simon Bollmann, Nele Struck, Tobias Kube, Lisa D’Astolfo, Eva-Lotta Brakemeier

Open Access 25-06-2022 | Original Article

Associations of Different Emotion Regulation Strategies with Coping-Efficacy, Rumination and Stress
David Rosenbaum, Isabell Int-Veen, Julian Rubel, Hendrik Laicher, Agnes Kroczek, Glenn Lawyer, Andreas J. Fallgatter, Ann-Christine Ehlis

11-07-2022 | Original Article

Relationship Satisfaction and Well-being During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Examining the Associations with Interpersonal Emotion Regulation Strategies
Zahide Tepeli Temiz, Ebra Elsharnouby

23-05-2022 | Original Article

Social anxiety disorder is Associated with Vaccination attitude, stress, and coping responses during COVID-19
Corinne N. Carlton, Katelyn M. Garcia, Mara Villalongo Andino, Thomas H. Ollendick, John A. Richey

Open Access 14-05-2022 | Original Article

The Impact of Message Content and Format on Initial Parental Engagement in a Parenting Intervention: An Experimental Study
Carolina Gonzalez, Alina Morawska, Divna M. Haslam

Open Access 13-05-2022 | Original Article

The Longitudinal Interplay Between Attention Bias and Interpretation Bias in Social Anxiety in Adolescents
Lisan A. Henricks, Wolf-Gero Lange, Maartje Luijten, Yvonne H. M. van den Berg, Sabine E. M. J. Stoltz, Antonius H. N. Cillessen, Eni S. Becker

Open Access 05-07-2022 | Original Article

Characterising Negative Mental Imagery in Adolescent Social Anxiety
Kenny Chiu, David M. Clark, Eleanor Leigh

Open Access 11-05-2022 | Original Article

The Effects of Attentional Deployment on Reinterpretation in Depressed Adolescents: Evidence from an Eye-Tracking Study
Charlotte Elisabeth Piechaczek, Pia-Theresa Schröder, Lisa Feldmann, Gerd Schulte-Körne, Ellen Greimel

Open Access 18-06-2022 | Original Article

The Role of Comorbid Mood Disorders in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Childhood Social Anxiety
Jeanine M. D. Baartmans, F. J. A. van Steensel, Anke M. Klein, Susan M. Bögels

30-06-2022 | Original Article

Lack of Differential Symptom Change with Cognitive-Behavioral versus Light Therapy for Winter Depression: A Network Intervention Analysis
Richard J. Norton, Michael A. Young, Kelly J. Rohan

15-06-2022 | Original Article

Effects of Safety Behavior Fading on Bulimic Symptoms and Drive for Thinness
Lauren A. Stentz, Natalie L. Wilver, Katherine A. McDermott, Jesse R. Cougle

23-05-2022 | Original Article

Measuring Psychological Inflexibility of Suicidal Thoughts: The Acceptance and Action Questionnaire for Suicidal Ideation (AAQ-SI)
Joseph W. Boffa, Jamie L. Tock, Danielle M. Morabito, Norman B. Schmidt

Open Access 08-11-2021 | Correction

Correction to: Daily Worry in Trauma‑Exposed Afghan Refugees: Relationship with Affect and Sleep in a Study Using Ecological Momentary Assessment
Theresa Koch, Alexandra Liedl, Keisuke Takano, Thomas Ehring

Open Access 23-10-2021 | Correction

Correction to: Cognitive Vulnerability in the Context of Panic: Assessment of Panic‑Related Associations and Interpretations in Individuals with Varying Levels of Anxiety Sensitivity
Lisa Zahler, Katharina Sommer, Andrea Reinecke, Frank H. Wilhelm, Jürgen Margraf, Marcella L. Woud

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