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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Uitgave 6/2023

Inhoudsopgave (12 Artikelen)

Open Access Original Article

Harnessing AI to Optimize Thought Records and Facilitate Cognitive Restructuring in Smartphone CBT: An Exploratory Study

Toshi A. Furukawa, Susumu Iwata, Masaru Horikoshi, Masatsugu Sakata, Rie Toyomoto, Yan Luo, Aran Tajika, Noriko Kudo, Eiji Aramaki

Open Access Original Article

Outcome Expectations in Psychotherapy: Validation of the Therapy Single Category Implicit Association Test (Therapy SC-IAT)

Anna Seewald, Sarah Teige-Mocigemba, Winfried Rief

Original Article

Changes in Perspective-Taking During Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in a Partial Hospital Setting

Chloe C. Hudson, Emily M. Bowers, Thröstur Björgvinsson, Courtney Beard

Open Access Original Article

Psychological Needs and Psychopathology in Adults Following a Significant Life Event: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective

Darrell Eckley, Andrew Allen, Prudence Millear, Karina Rune, Jonathan Mason

Original Article

Improved Reliability of Dot Probe Measures with Response-Based Computation: An Application with Young Violence-Exposed Children

Alysse M. Loomis, Travis C. Evans, Damion J. Grasso, Margaret Briggs-Gowan

Original Article

Development and Validation of the Revised Chinese Version of Intolerance of Uncertainty Index-A for Children: A Large-Scale Study Among Chinese Adolescents

Haoxian Ye, Shiying Chen, Chunling Chen, Minyi Chen, Hanlai Ouyang, Jiaming Ding, Jiahui Li, Fenxiu Liu, Beiyu Zheng, Zhenli You, Wei Wang, Xi Ling, Fang Fan

Original Article

Compassion Questionnaires: Scales Development and Validation

Bassam Khoury, Rodrigo C. Vergara, Christina Spinelli

Open Access Original Article

Development and Validation of the Bullied Cognitions Inventory (BCI)

Belinda Graham, Anke Ehlers