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Cognitive Therapy and Research

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03-01-2019 | Editorial

Editorial for the Special Issue on Negative Appraisals in Trauma: Current Status and Future Directions for Research

02-01-2019 | Original Article

Does Modification of Implicit Associations Regarding Contamination Affect Approach Behavior and Attentional Bias?

Individuals with contamination concerns show aberrant interpretational and attentional processes. Yet, it is unclear whether threat-related associations play a causal role in anxiety symptoms and attentional bias. The objective of our study was to …

02-01-2019 | Original Article

Intergenerational Transfer of Early Maladaptive Schemas in Mother–Daughter Dyads, and the Role of Parenting

Expanding limited research on the origins of early maladaptive schemas, this study investigated relations between parental (mother) schemas and parenting styles with child (adult daughter) schemas using cross-sectional methodology. One hundred …

18-12-2018 | Original Article

Cognitive Processes in Anxiety and Comorbid Physical Illness and Health Behavior: Introduction to the Special Issue

Anxiety symptoms and disorders are the most common psychiatric problems world-wide and are vastly overrepresented among individuals with chronic illness and poor health behavior. The purpose of the current special series is to bolster attention …

17-12-2018 | Original Article

Drive for Thinness Versus Fear of Fat: Approach and Avoidance Motivation Regarding Thin and Non-thin Images in Women

Internalization of sociocultural attitudes regarding the so-called virtues of thinness and vices of fatness can lead to two motivational orientations: drive for thinness and fear of fat. The current study assessed drive for thinness and fear of …

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Cognitive Therapy and Research publishes experimental studies; theoretical, review, technical, and methodological articles; case studies; and brief reports. It is a broadly conceived interdisciplinary journal that stimulates and communicates research and theory on the role of cognitive processes in human adaptation and adjustment.

Contributions integrate diverse topics, encompassing clinical, cognitive, counseling, developmental, experimental, learning, personality, and social psychology. The journal examines all topics that pertain to psychological problems, including affective disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders, substance abuse, disorders of childhood and adolescence, psychological dysfunction in aging, and personality.

Most of the journal’s publication space is devoted to experimental studies that seek to advance the field in such ways as providing new knowledge or information on a particular clinical problem or issue.

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