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Cognitive Therapy and Research

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24-05-2019 | Original Article Open Access

Evaluating CBT Clinical Competence with Standardised Role Plays and Patient Therapy Sessions

Standardised role-plays (SR) have been proposed as an alternative to recordings of patients’ therapy sessions (PTS) to assess therapist competence during CBT training. This study compared the following properties of SR assessments with established …

24-05-2019 | Original Article

An experimental Study on the Induction of an Eating Disorder-Specific Interpretation Bias in Healthy Individuals: Testing the Interpretation Modification Paradigm for Eating Disorders (IMP-ED)

The aim of this experimental study was to examine whether interpretation biases are possible mechanisms of genesis of eating disorders (ED). We investigated the induction of an interpretation bias in healthy women using an Interpretation …

24-05-2019 | Original Article

Doubting the Diagnosis but Seeking a Talking Cure: An Experimental Investigation of Causal Explanations for Depression and Willingness to Accept Treatment

In the current literature there is a general lack of research examining the impact of causal explanations on beliefs about psychotherapy, willingness to accept treatment, and treatment expectancies. The present study was aimed at experimentally …

15-05-2019 | Original Article

Should I Keep It? Thoughts Verbalized During a Discarding Task

An essential criterion for hoarding disorder (HD) is difficulty parting with possessions, but relatively little research has been conducted on responses by people with HD during actual efforts to discard objects. Frost et al. (Behav Res Therapy …

07-05-2019 | Original Article

Training to Inhibit Negative Content Affects Memory and Rumination

Depressive rumination, the tendency to engage in repetitive self-focus in response to distress, seems to be affected by a variety of cognitive biases that in turn maintain negative emotional states. The current study examined whether the …

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Cognitive Therapy and Research publishes experimental studies; theoretical, review, technical, and methodological articles; case studies; and brief reports. It is a broadly conceived interdisciplinary journal that stimulates and communicates research and theory on the role of cognitive processes in human adaptation and adjustment.

Contributions integrate diverse topics, encompassing clinical, cognitive, counseling, developmental, experimental, learning, personality, and social psychology. The journal examines all topics that pertain to psychological problems, including affective disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders, substance abuse, disorders of childhood and adolescence, psychological dysfunction in aging, and personality.

Most of the journal’s publication space is devoted to experimental studies that seek to advance the field in such ways as providing new knowledge or information on a particular clinical problem or issue.

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