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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 4/2011

Uitgave 4/2011

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01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Content identification of the IWQOL-Lite with the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health

Annie Tessier, Nancy E. Mayo, Alarcos Cieza

01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Development of computerized adaptive testing (CAT) for the EORTC QLQ-C30 physical functioning dimension

Morten Aa. Petersen, Mogens Groenvold, Neil K. Aaronson, Wei-Chu Chie, Thierry Conroy, Anna Costantini, Peter Fayers, Jorunn Helbostad, Bernhard Holzner, Stein Kaasa, Susanne Singer, Galina Velikova, Teresa Young

01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Applying area-under-the-curve analysis to enhance interpretation of response profiles: an application to sleep quality scores in patients with fibromyalgia

Andrew G. Bushmakin, Joseph C. Cappelleri, Gergana Zlateva, Alesia Sadosky

01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Quality of life in Parkinson’s disease patients: validation of the Short-Form Eight-item Parkinson’s Disease Questionnaire (PDQ-8) in Taiwan

Tzu-Ting Huang, Hua-Yun Hsu, Bi-Hwa Wang, Kang-Hua Chen

01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Measurement invariance of the 16-item social distress scale

Adam B. Smith, Penny Wright, Peter Selby, Galina Velikova

01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Responsiveness of the short musculoskeletal function assessment (SMFA) in patients with femoral neck fractures

Carl Johan Hedbeck, Jan Tidermark, Sari Ponzer, Richard Blomfeldt, Gunnar Bergström

01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011 Open Access

Validation of the psychometric properties of the health-promoting lifestyle profile in a sample of Taiwanese women

Lo Meihan, Wong Chung-Ngok

01-05-2011 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 4/2011

Validation of pediatric Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy: patient version 2 of “brain tumor survivor” for grade school patients aged 7–12 years

Heejung Yoo, Young-Shin Ra, Hyeon-Jin Park, Jin-Shei Lai, David Cella, Hee-Young Shin, Dong-Seok Kim, Woo-Chul Kim, Yong-Soon Shin

01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011 Open Access

Quality of life of children with mitral valve prolapse

Izabela Janiec, Bozena Werner, Jolanta Sieminska, Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer

01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Quality of life and related variables in patients with ankylosing spondylitis

Hatice Bodur, Şebnem Ataman, Aylin Rezvani, Derya Soy Buğdaycı, Remzi Çevik, Murat Birtane, Ayşen Akıncı, Zuhal Altay, Rezzan Günaydın, Mahmut Yener, Hikmet Koçyiğit, Tuncay Duruöz, Pelin Yazgan, Engin Çakar, Gülümser Aydın, Simin Hepgüler, Lale Altan, Mehmet Kırnap, Neşe Ölmez, Raikan Soydemir, Erkan Kozanoğlu, Ajda Bal, Konçuy Sivrioğlu, Murat Karkucak, Zafer Günendi

01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Determinants of quality of life in type 2 diabetes population: the inclusion of personality

Ikuyo Imayama, Ronald C. Plotnikoff, Kerry S. Courneya, Jeffrey A. Johnson

01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011 Open Access

Patient-rated health status predicts prognosis following percutaneous coronary intervention with drug-eluting stenting

Susanne S. Pedersen, Henneke Versteeg, Johan Denollet, Jin M. Cheng, Patrick W. Serruys, Ron T. van Domburg

01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Depression and QOL in patients with ALS: how do self-ratings and ratings by relatives differ?

Torsten Grehl, Mirjam Rupp, Paula Budde, Martin Tegenthoff, Heiner Fangerau

01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011 Open Access

Risk of malnutrition and health-related quality of life in community-living elderly men and women: The Tromsø study

Jan-Magnus Kvamme, Jan Abel Olsen, Jon Florholmen, Bjarne K. Jacobsen

01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Gender differences among middle-aged Koreans for health-related quality of life related to metabolic syndrome

Yeo-Jin Sohn, Hyun Soon Sohn, Jin-Won Kwon

01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

A cross-sectional validation study of EQ-5D among the Malaysian adult population

Asrul Akmal Shafie, Mohamed Azmi Hassali, Siow Yen Liau

01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

EuroQol (EQ-5D) health utility scores for patients with migraine

Ruifeng Xu, Ralph P. Insinga, Wendy Golden, X. Henry Hu

01-05-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Do Portuguese and UK health state values differ across valuation methods?

Lara N. Ferreira, Pedro L. Ferreira, Donna Rowen, John E. Brazier

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