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Mindfulness 3/2020

Uitgave 3/2020


Inhoudsopgave (24 Artikelen)

17-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

A Review of Latino/Latinx Participants in Mindfulness-Based Intervention Research
Elizabeth W. Cotter, Naya Jones

10-01-2020 | REVIEW

The Utility of Heart Rate Variability in Mindfulness Research
Georgia Christodoulou, Neda Salami, David S. Black

10-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

A Brief History of Buddhist Absorption
Bhikkhu Anālayo

10-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Relationship Between Dispositional Mindfulness and Grit Moderated by Meditation Experience and Culture
Buaphrao Raphiphatthana, Paul E. Jose

10-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mindfulness: Attenuating Self-Referential Processing and Strengthening Other-Referential Processing
Zhan Shi, Liguo He

11-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Novel Associations Among Trauma, Mindfulness, and Impaired Control Over Alcohol Use
Tessa Frohe, Robert F. Leeman, JeeWon Cheong, Daniel A. Belton, Julie A. Patock-Peckham

12-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

A Brief Scale to Measure Caring for Bliss: Conceptualization, Initial Development, and Validation
Myriam Rudaz, Thomas Ledermann, Ross W. May, Frank D. Fincham

14-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Effects of a Brief Mindfulness Curriculum on Self-reported Executive Functioning and Emotion Regulation in Hong Kong Adolescents
Kanei Lam, Doug Seiden

17-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Experienced Meditators Exhibit No Differences to Demographically Matched Controls in Theta Phase Synchronization, P200, or P300 During an Auditory Oddball Task
Jake Robert Payne, Oliver Baell, Harry Geddes, Bernadette Fitzgibbon, Melanie Emonson, Aron T. Hill, Nicholas T. Van Dam, Gregory Humble, Paul B. Fitzgerald, Neil W. Bailey

17-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Pain-Induced Alcohol Urge and Intention to Drink: the Role of Dispositional Mindfulness
Dezarie Moskal, Martin J. De Vita, Stephen A. Maisto

17-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Self-Compassion and Social Connectedness Buffering Racial Discrimination on Depression Among Asian Americans
Shuyi Liu, Chun-I Li, Cixin Wang, Meifen Wei, Stacy Ko

Open Access 19-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Bolstering Cognitive Resilience via Train-the-Trainer Delivery of Mindfulness Training in Applied High-Demand Settings
Amishi P. Jha, Anthony P. Zanesco, Ekaterina Denkova, Alexandra B. Morrison, Nicolas Ramos, Keith Chichester, John W. Gaddy, Scott L. Rogers

Open Access 19-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Introducing the eMCC™: A Validated Taxonomy to Advance Targeted Application of Mindfulness Skills
Ruth Q. Wolever, Joel A. Kahn, Jennifer Davis, Denise Shields, Poppy L. A. Schoenberg

19-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Self-Compassion and Depressive Symptoms in Chronic Pain (CP): A 1-Year Longitudinal Study
Sérgio A. Carvalho, Inês A. Trindade, David Gillanders, José Pinto-Gouveia, Paula Castilho

20-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Feasibility of a Smartphone App with Mindfulness Training for Adolescent Smoking Cessation: Craving to Quit (C2Q)-Teen
Lori Pbert, Susan Druker, Sybil Crawford, Christine Frisard, Michelle Trivedi, Stavroula K Osganian, Judson Brewer

20-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Differential Impact of Mindfulness Practices on Aggression Among Law Enforcement Officers
Leticia Ribeiro, Dana D. Colgan, Candice K. Hoke, Matthew Hunsinger, Sarah Bowen, Barry S. Oken, Michael S. Christopher

23-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Self-Compassion and Time Perception of Past Negative Events
Yuki Miyagawa, Junichi Taniguchi

27-12-2019 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Effects of 8-Week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program on Cognitive Control: an EEG Study
Francesca Incagli, Vincenza Tarantino, Cristiano Crescentini, Antonino Vallesi

07-01-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Facets of Mindfulness and Health Among a Predominantly Low-Income Community Sample
Sarah M. Burstein, Elizabeth S. Hawes, Kelsey M. Arroyo, Jamie S. Bodenlos

07-01-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Training Meta-Awareness to Modify Attentional Dyscontrol
Liad Ruimi, Roni A. Hendren, Iftach Amir, Ariel Zvielli, Amit Bernstein

07-01-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Is Self-Compassion Protective Among Sexual- and Gender-Minority Adolescents Across Racial Groups?
Abra J. Vigna, Julie Poehlmann-Tynan, Brian W. Koenig

10-01-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Attachment-Based Compassion Therapy for Ameliorating Fibromyalgia: Mediating Role of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion
Jesus Montero-Marin, William Van Gordon, Edo Shonin, Mayte Navarro-Gil, Virginia Gasión, Yolanda López-del-Hoyo, Juan V. Luciano, Javier Garcia-Campayo


Dying Before You Die
Jon Kabat-Zinn


Dying Before You Die—Deux
Jon Kabat-Zinn

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