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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Journal of Youth and Adolescence 6/2019

Uitgave 6/2019

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27-02-2019 | Systematic Literature Review | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

Linking Parent–Child and Peer Relationship Quality to Empathy in Adolescence: A Multilevel Meta-Analysis

Savannah Boele, Jolien Van der Graaff, Minet de Wied, Inge E. Van der Valk, Elisabetta Crocetti, Susan Branje

19-02-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 6/2019

Parental Authoritativeness, Social Support and Help-seeking for Mental Health Problems in Adolescents

Michelle Maiuolo, Frank P. Deane, Joseph Ciarrochi

20-02-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

The Longitudinal Role of Self-Concept Clarity and Best Friend Delinquency in Adolescent Delinquent Behavior

Emma K. V. Levey, Claire F. Garandeau, Wim Meeus, Susan Branje

25-02-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

The Role of Stressful Parenting and Mineralocorticoid Receptor Haplotypes on Social Development During Adolescence and Young Adulthood

H. M. Endedijk, S. A. Nelemans, R. R. Schür, M. P. Boks, P. van Lier, W. Meeus, C. H. Vinkers, R. A. Sarabdjitsingh, S. Branje

25-02-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 6/2019

Impact of a Secondary School Depression Prevention Curriculum on Adolescent Social-Emotional Skills: Evaluation of the Resilient Families Program

Nikita Singh, Matin G. Minaie, David R. Skvarc, John W. Toumbourou

04-03-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 6/2019

Emotional Coregulation in Mexican-Origin Parent–Adolescent Dyads: Associations with Adolescent Mental Health

Evelyn Mercado, Joanna Kim, Nancy A. Gonzales, Andrew J. Fuligni

05-03-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 6/2019

The Development of Motivation and Amotivation to Study and Work across Age-Graded Transitions in Adolescence and Young Adulthood

Jennifer Symonds, Ingrid Schoon, Jacquelynne Eccles, Katariina Salmela-Aro

05-03-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 6/2019

Latent Profile Analysis of Left-behind Adolescents’ Psychosocial Adaptation in Rural China

Jingxin Zhao, Qianyu Li, Liwei Wang, Lingyu Lin, Wenxin Zhang

07-03-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 6/2019

Autonomy-related Parenting Processes and Adolescent Adjustment in Latinx Immigrant Families

Kathleen M. Roche, Sharon F. Lambert, Rebecca M. B. White, Esther J. Calzada, Todd D. Little, Gabriel P. Kuperminc, John E. Schulenberg

07-03-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

The Impact of Perceived Teacher Support on Anti-Immigrant Attitudes from Early to Late Adolescence

Marta Miklikowska, Jochem Thijs, Mikael Hjerm

08-03-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

Longitudinal Linkages between Older and Younger Sibling Depressive Symptoms and Perceived Sibling Relationship Quality

Kirsten L. Buist, Marloes S. van Tergouw, Hans M. Koot, Susan Branje

19-03-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

Perceived Quality of the Mother–Adolescent and Father–Adolescent Attachment Relationship and Adolescents’ Self-Esteem

Renske Keizer, Katrien O. W. Helmerhorst, Loes van Rijn-van Gelderen

22-03-2019 | Empirical Research | Uitgave 6/2019

Older Siblings as Academic Socialization Agents for Younger Siblings: Developmental Pathways across Adolescence

Ming-Te Wang, Jessica L. Degol, Jamie L. Amemiya

08-04-2019 | Book Review | Uitgave 6/2019

Gideon Yaffe: The Age of Culpability: Children and the Nature of Criminal Responsibility

Oxford University Press, New York, NY, 2018, 256 pp, ISBN: 9780198803324
Allison B. Pierce

15-04-2019 | Book Review | Uitgave 6/2019

Andrea Cox: Trapped in a Vice: The Consequences of Confinement for Young People New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2017, 4181 pp, Series: Critical issues in crime and society, LCCN: 2017007405

Marina Stokes

20-04-2019 | Book Review | Uitgave 6/2019

Roberto G. Gonzales: Lives in Limbo: Undocumented and Coming of Age in America

Oakland, CA: University of California Press, 2016, 320pp, ISBN 9780520287266
Francisca Rivas

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