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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 5/2024

Inhoudsopgave (16 Artikelen)

Open Access Empirical Research

Understanding Wellbeing Profiles According to White Matter Structural Connectivity Sub-types in Early Adolescents: The First Hundred Brains Cohort from the Longitudinal Adolescent Brain Study

Christina Driver, Amanda Boyes, Abdalla Z. Mohamed, Jacob M. Levenstein, Marcella Parker, Daniel F. Hermens

Empirical Research

Developmental Trajectories of Parental Self-Efficacy as Children Transition to Adolescence in Nine Countries: Latent Growth Curve Analyses

Christy M. Buchanan, Terese Glatz, Şule Selçuk, Ann T. Skinner, Jennifer E. Lansford, Suha M. Al-Hassan, Dario Bacchini, Marc H. Bornstein, Lei Chang, Kirby Deater-Deckard, Laura Di Giunta, Kenneth A. Dodge, Sevtap Gurdal, Qin Liu, Qian Long, Paul Oburu, Concetta Pastorelli, Emma Sorbring, Sombat Tapanya, Laurence Steinberg, Liliana Maria Uribe Tirado, Saengduean Yotanyamaneewong, Liane Peña Alampay

Empirical Research

School Connectedness and Mental Health Among Black Adolescents

Adrian Gale, Lenna Nepomnyaschy

Open Access Empirical Research

Trajectories of Loneliness During Adolescence Predict Subsequent Symptoms of Depression and Positive Wellbeing

Simon C. Hunter, Rebecca Seth, Stephen Houghton, David Lawrence, Corinne Zadow, Michael Rosenberg, Lisa Wood, Pamela Qualter, Trevor Shilton

Empirical Research

How Important Are Parental Career Expectations? A Subtle and Long-Term Influence on Adolescents’ Career Aspirations

Yanhao Qi, Yuan Liu, Bijuan Huang, Shaowen Xie, Jia Liu, Jiwei Si

Open Access Empirical Research

Longitudinal Associations Between Support and Prosocial Behavior Across Adolescence: The Roles of Fathers, Mothers, Siblings, and Friends

Marije van Meegen, Jolien Van der Graaff, Gustavo Carlo, Wim Meeus, Susan Branje

Empirical Research

Relationship between Personality Traits and Subjective Well-Being in Emerging Adulthood: Moderating Role of Independent and Interdependent Self-Construal

Kai Hatano, Tetsuya Kawamoto, Shogo Hihara, Kazumi Sugimura, Megumi Ikeda, Satoshi Tanaka, Jun Nakahara

Empirical Research

Cumulative Genetic Scores Interact with Maternal and Paternal Parenting in Predicting Parent-Adolescent Cohesion and Conflict

Pian Chen, Shan Sun, Yang Yang, Aodi Huang, Hongmei Zhang, Meiping Wang

Empirical Research

Longitudinal Associations Between Reactive and Proactive Aggression and Depression in Early Adolescence: Between‐ and Within‐Person Effects

Zhengqian Yang, Yuhan Luo, Fumei Chen, Rui Luo, Mengdi Qi, Zhaoyi Li, Yun Wang

Open Access Empirical Research

Adolescent Nonsuicidal Self-Injury and Suicidality: A Latent Class Analysis and Associations with Clinical Characteristics in an At-Risk Cohort

N. G. M. de Neve-Enthoven, A. P. Ringoot, J. Jongerling, N. Boersma, L. M. Berges, D. Meijnckens, W. J. G. Hoogendijk, N. H. Grootendorst-van Mil