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Journal of Youth and Adolescence 10/2016
Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 10/2016

Special Issue: Discrepancies in Adolescent–Parent Perceptions of the Family and Adolescent Adjustment


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06-07-2016 | Editorial

Introduction to the Special Issue: Discrepancies in Adolescent–Parent Perceptions of the Family and Adolescent Adjustment
Andres De Los Reyes, Christine McCauley Ohannessian

05-07-2016 | Empirical Research

Congruence of Parents’ and Children’s Perceptions of Parenting: A Meta-Analysis
Katherine E. Korelitz, Judy Garber

15-03-2016 | Empirical Research

Is it About Me, You, or Us? Stress Reactivity Correlates of Discrepancies in We-Talk Among Parents and Preadolescent Children
Jessica L. Borelli, Patricia A. Smiley, Hannah F. Rasmussen, Anthony Gómez

05-04-2016 | Empirical Research

Discrepancies in Adolescents’ and Mothers’ Perceptions of the Family and Mothers’ Psychological Symptomatology
Christine McCauley Ohannessian, Robert Laird, Andres De Los Reyes

10-06-2016 | Empirical Research

Congruence and Incongruence in Adolescents’ and Parents’ Perceptions of the Family: Using Response Surface Analysis to Examine Links with Adolescents’ Psychological Adjustment
Lauren J. Human, Melanie A. Dirks, Anita DeLongis, Edith Chen

18-03-2016 | Empirical Research

Mother–Child Discrepancy in Perceived Family Functioning and Adolescent Developmental Outcomes in Families Experiencing Economic Disadvantage in Hong Kong
Janet T. Y. Leung, Daniel T. L. Shek, Lin Li

Open Access 26-05-2016 | Empirical Research

Discrepancies Between Perceptions of the Parent–Adolescent Relationship and Early Adolescent Depressive Symptoms: An Illustration of Polynomial Regression Analysis
S. A. Nelemans, S. J. T. Branje, W. W. Hale III, L. Goossens, H. M. Koot, A. J. Oldehinkel, W. H. J. Meeus

13-06-2016 | Empirical Research

Patterns and Predictors of Mother–Adolescent Discrepancies across Family Constructs
Wendy M. Rote, Judith G. Smetana

07-06-2016 | Empirical Research

Parent–Adolescent Conflict in African American Families
Olivenne D. Skinner, Susan M. McHale

11-06-2016 | Empirical Research

Agreement in Youth–Parent Perceptions of Parenting Behaviors: A Case for Testing Measurement Invariance in Reporter Discrepancy Research
Justin D. Russell, Rebecca A. Graham, Erin L. Neill, Carl F. Weems

04-06-2016 | Empirical Research

Early Adolescents’ Unique Perspectives of Maternal and Paternal Rejection: Examining Their Across-Dyad Generalizability and Relations with Adjustment 1 Year Later
Justin Jager, Alissa Mahler, Danming An, Diane L. Putnick, Marc H. Bornstein, Jennifer E. Lansford, Kenneth A. Dodge, Ann T. Skinner, Kirby Deater-Deckard

26-05-2016 | Empirical Research

Caregiver and Adolescent Discrepancies in Perceptions of Violence and Their Associations with Early Adolescent Aggression
Sarah Lindstrom Johnson, Raymond Reichenberg, Catherine P. Bradshaw, Denise L. Haynie, Tina L. Cheng

04-06-2016 | Empirical Research

A Social Domain Approach to Informant Discrepancies in Parental Solicitation and Family Rules
Aaron Metzger, Elizabeth Babskie, Rebecca Olson, Katelyn Romm

21-03-2016 | Empirical Research

Maternal Psychological Control and Its Association with Mother and Child Perceptions of Adolescent Adjustment: More Evidence on the Strength of Shared Perspectives
Olivia M. Valdes, Brett Laursen, Fanny A. Guimond, Amy C. Hartl, Jill Denner

23-05-2016 | Empirical Research

A Longitudinal Test of the Parent–Adolescent Family Functioning Discrepancy Hypothesis: A Trend toward Increased HIV Risk Behaviors Among Immigrant Hispanic Adolescents
David Córdova, Seth J. Schwartz, Jennifer B. Unger, Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati, Juan A. Villamar, Daniel W. Soto, Sabrina E. Des Rosiers, Tae Kyoung Lee, Alan Meca, Miguel Ángel Cano, Elma I. Lorenzo-Blanco, Assaf Oshri, Christopher P. Salas-Wright, Brandy Piña-Watson, Andrea J. Romero

10-08-2016 | Editorial

Commentary: Theoretical and Methodological Dimensions of Convergence and Divergence of Adolescent and Parent Reports about Youth Development and Family Structure and Function—A Relational Developmental Systems Perspective
Richard M. Lerner, Lily S. Konowitz

04-08-2016 | Editorial

Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Parent–Adolescent Discrepancies: Existing Findings and Future Directions
Leslie A. Rescorla

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