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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 9/2016

Special Issue: Developmental Roots and Effects of Victimization and Externalizing Behavior

Inhoudsopgave (19 Artikelen)

Empirical Research

Peer Cybervictimization Among Adolescents and the Associated Internalizing and Externalizing Problems: A Meta-Analysis

Benjamin W. Fisher, Joseph H. Gardella, Abbie R. Teurbe-Tolon

Empirical Research

The Role of Sleep in the Relationship Between Victimization and Externalizing Problems in Adolescents

David W. Sosnowski, Wendy Kliewer, Stephen J. Lepore

Empirical Research

Targeted Victimization: Exploring Linear and Curvilinear Associations Between Social Network Prestige and Victimization

Naomi C. Z. Andrews, Laura D. Hanish, Kimberly A. Updegraff, Carol Lynn Martin, Carlos E. Santos

Empirical Research

Exposure to Violence in the Community Predicts Friendships with Academically Disengaged Peers During Middle Adolescence

David Schwartz, Brynn M. Kelly, Luiza V. Mali, Mylien T. Duong

Open Access Empirical Research

The Role of Self-Control and Early Adolescents’ Friendships in the Development of Externalizing Behavior: The SNARE Study

Aart Franken, Terrie E. Moffitt, Christian E. G. Steglich, Jan Kornelis Dijkstra, Zeena Harakeh, Wilma A. M. Vollebergh

Empirical Research

Status Differences in Target-Specific Prosocial Behavior and Aggression

Leanna M. Closson, Shelley Hymel

Open Access Empirical Research

Stability Subtypes of Callous–Unemotional Traits and Conduct Disorder Symptoms and Their Correlates

Hedwig Eisenbarth, Chara A. Demetriou, Melina Nicole Kyranides, Kostas A. Fanti

Empirical Research

Money Lending Practices and Adolescent Dating Relationship Abuse: Results from a National Sample

Jennifer E. Copp, Elizabeth A. Mumford, Bruce G. Taylor