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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 1/2009

Uitgave 1/2009

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01-03-2009 | Uitgave 1/2009

Psychopathology and Assessment: Contributing Knowledge to Science and Practice

Randall T. Salekin

01-03-2009 | Uitgave 1/2009 Open Access

Reactive and Regulative Temperament in Youths: Psychometric Evaluation of the Early Adolescent Temperament Questionnaire-Revised

Peter Muris, Cor Meesters

01-03-2009 | Uitgave 1/2009

Debiasing of Pessimistic Judgments Associated with Anxiety: A Test of the Availability Heuristic

Bret G. Bentz, Stephany L. Mahaffey, Amber M. Adami, Danielle M. Romig, Raychel C. Muenke, Stephanie G. Barfield, Jolyn R. Teer, Kathy DeOrnellas

01-03-2009 | Uitgave 1/2009

Recollective Experience During Recognition of Emotional Words in Clinical Depression

Françoise Jermann, Martial Van der Linden, Maïté Laurençon, Bruno Schmitt

01-03-2009 | Uitgave 1/2009

Validation of the Behavioral Activation for Depression Scale (BADS) in a Community Sample with Elevated Depressive Symptoms

Jonathan W. Kanter, Laura C. Rusch, Andrew M. Busch, Sonya K. Sedivy

01-03-2009 | Uitgave 1/2009

Exploring Criterion Confounding in the Measurement of Binge Eating Symptoms and Negative Affect

Erin T. Barker, Nancy L. Galambos

01-03-2009 | Uitgave 1/2009

Reactive and Proactive Aggression: Cross-informant Agreement and the Clinical Utility of Different Informants

Thomas H. Ollendick, Matthew A. Jarrett, Jennifer C Wolff, Angela Scarpa

01-03-2009 | Uitgave 1/2009

The Relation Between Self-Report Mindfulness and Performance on Tasks of Sustained Attention

Stefan K. Schmertz, Page L. Anderson, Diana L. Robins

01-03-2009 | Uitgave 1/2009

Self-Reported Symptoms of Depression by Changes in Sleeping Patterns and Appetites for Outpatients with a Major Depressive Disorder

Douglas M. Leonard, Robert A. Steer, David J. Rissmiller, Aaron T. Beck

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