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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 8/2022

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Original Paper

The Relation between Parent Mental Health and Child Internalizing Symptoms in Parent–Child Interaction Therapy

Kristen M. McCabe, Argero Zerr, Mariah Cook, Lindsey Ringlee, May Yeh

Original Paper

Evaluation of an Integrated Parenting Intervention Targeting Maternal Depression: Effects on Parent Attributions of Child Behaviors

Danielle R. Novick, Nicole E. Lorenzo, Christina M. Danko, Andrea-Chronis Tuscano

Original Paper

A Pilot Study of a Co-parenting Intervention for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Robert M. Hock, Aimee K. Rovane, Mark E. Feinberg, Damon E. Jones, Amy A. Holbert

Open Access Original Paper

Listen to the Children: Elementary School Students' Perspectives on a Mindfulness Intervention

Andrea M. D’Alessandro, Kaitlyn M. Butterfield, Lerna Hanceroglu, Kim P. Roberts

Original Paper

Relationship-Based Home Visiting Services for Families Affected by Substance Use Disorders: A Qualitative Study

Elizabeth Peacock-Chambers, Deirdre Buckley, Amanda Lowell, Maria Carolina Clark, Peter D. Friedmann, Nancy Byatt, Emily Feinberg

Open Access Original Paper

Baby Triple P: A Randomized Controlled Trial Testing the Efficacy in First-Time Parent Couples

Kerri E. McPherson, Kirsty Wiseman, Adam Jasilek, Kareena McAloney-Kocaman, Alina Morawska, Caroline Haig

Original Paper

Jandu Yani U (for all families): Tailored Triple P Training and Support Promote Empowerment in Remote Aboriginal Communities

Cari McIlduff, Ellaina Andersson, Karen M. T. Turner, Sue Thomas, Jadnah Davies, Marmingee Hand, Emily Carter, Stewart Einfeld, Elizabeth J. Elliott

Open Access Original Paper

A Qualitative Examination of the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Individuals with Neuro-developmental Disabilities and their Families

David B. Nicholas, Wendy Mitchell, Jill Ciesielski, Arisha Khan, Lucyna Lach

Open Access Original Paper

Effects of Socioeconomic Status, Parental Stress, and Family Support on Children’s Physical and Emotional Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sara Scrimin, Libera Ylenia Mastromatteo, Ani Hovnanyan, Benedetta Zagni, Enrico Rubaltelli, Tiziana Pozzoli

Original paper

Psychological Wellbeing, Dyadic Adjustment, and Parental Stress among Spanish Families during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Inés Aramburu, Laia Ferrer, Josep Mercadal, Imke Dachs, Miriam Salas, Nuria Prades

Open Access Original Paper

Poverty after Birth: How Mothers Experience and Navigate U.S. Safety Net Programs to Address Family Needs

Maria Marti-Castaner, Tonya Pavlenko, Ruby Engel, Karen Sanchez, Allyson E. Crawford, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Christopher Wimer

Original Paper

A national examination of poverty and interactive caregiving practices among parents of young children

Elizabeth Crouch, Elizabeth Radcliff, Melinda A. Merrell, Monique J. Brown, Kevin J. Bennett

Original Paper

Development and Validation of a Short-Form Parenting Self-Efficacy Scale: Me as a Parent Scale (MaaPs-SF)

Jan Matthews, Christine Millward, Laura Hayes, Catherine Wade

Original Paper

Multi-Informant Assessment of High-Achieving Students’ Behavioral and Emotional Strengths

Ahmed Hassan Hemdan Mohamed, Faisal Abdelfattah, Maxwell Opoku

Author Correction

Correction to: Multi-Informant Assessment of High-Achieving Students’ Behavioral and Emotional Strengths

Ahmed Hassan Hemdan Mohamed, Faisal Abdelfattah, Maxwell Opoku

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