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Journal of Child and Family Studies 7/2022
Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 7/2022


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Open Access 03-11-2021 | Original Paper

Family Structure Transitions: Prevalence and Physical Health Effects in Ethiopia, India, Peru, and Vietnam
Rebecca Oldroyd, Shazia Rahman, Laurie F. DeRose, Kristin Hadfield

05-11-2021 | Original Paper

Do Occupational Performance and Social Support Predict Health and Well-Being Among Mothers of Preterm Infants?
Orit Bart, Meirav Rosenfeld, Iris Morag, Tzipora Strauss, Michal Avrech Bar

Open Access 29-11-2021 | Original Paper

Blossoming Child, Mourning Parent: A Qualitative Study of Trans Children and Their Parents Navigating Transition
Annie Pullen Sansfaçon, Denise Medico, Morgane Gelly, Valeria Kirichenko, Frank Suerich-Gulick

Open Access 18-12-2021 | Original Paper

Qualitative Investigation into Pre- and Post-Natal Experience of Parents of Triplets
Yasuhiro Kotera, Greta Kaluzeviciute, Laura Bennett-Viliardos

27-01-2022 | Original Paper

Maternal Experience with Online Information on Parenting and Infant Care: Qualitative Findings from Quebec, Canada
Christine Loignon, Thomas Gottin, Narimene Rahem, Darquise Lafrenière, Emmanuelle Turcotte, Reem El Sherif, François Lagarde, Geneviève Doray, Pierre Pluye

28-03-2022 | Original Paper

Regulatory Focus as a Mediator between Perceived Parenting Style and Friendship Intimacy in Chinese Emerging Adulthood
Wei-Wen Chen, Ziying Wang, Yajun Zhang

15-11-2021 | Original Paper

Rural Families Experiencing Homelessness: Demographics, Program Design, Outcome of High Barrier Transitional Housing and Rehabilitation Program
AnnaMaria Boullion, Melissa L. Holland, Stephen E. Brock, Gary A. Incaudo

20-05-2022 | Original Paper

Three Sibling Survivors’ Perspectives of their Father’s Suicide: Implications for Postvention Support
Elizabeth A. Cutrer-Párraga, Caitlin Cotton, Melissa A. Heath, Erica E. Miller, Terrell A. Young, Suzanne N. Wilson

08-11-2021 | Original Paper

Child Behavior Problems Related to Inconsistency and Average Negativity in Mother–Child Conflict Characteristics: The Mediating Role of Parenting Stress
Deyaun L. Villarreal, Olivia A. Smith, Jackie A. Nelson

27-01-2022 | Original Paper

The Impact of Parental ADHD Symptoms on Parenting Practices and Stress After Behavioral Intervention: Comparisons across Co-occurring Presentations
Rosmary Ros-DeMarize, Alexis Garcia, Paulo A. Graziano

02-02-2022 | Original Paper

Perceived Parenting History and Current Parenting Attitudes: Examining Maternal Stress and Depression as Mediators
Megan Baumgardner, Heidi E. Stolz, Rebecca G. Renegar, Jessica L. McCaig, Siera J. Reimnitz

12-10-2021 | Original Paper

Caregiving Arrangements and Caregiver Well-being when Infants are Born to Mothers in Prison
Virginia E. Pendleton, Elizabeth M. Schmitgen, Laurel Davis, Rebecca J. Shlafer

28-10-2021 | Original Paper

Do Mental Health Services Influence Child Welfare Involvement among Juvenile Justice System Involved Youth
Antonio Garcia, Minseop Kim, Sheila Barnhart

14-01-2022 | Original Paper

Parental Psychological Control and Adjustment Among Detained Youth: Does Perceived Containment Matter?
Paula J. Fite, Rebecca Griffith, Elizabeth C. Tampke, Daryl R. Hesse, Elsey Barnhart

07-02-2022 | Original Paper

Parental Arrest and Child Behavior: Differential Role of Executive Functioning among Racial Subgroups
Elizabeth I. Johnson, Elizabeth M. Planalp, Julie Poehlmann-Tynan

12-04-2022 | Original Paper

PTSD Among Families of Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth: Relation to Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health Problems
Deirdre Pieterse, B. K. Elizabeth Kim, Alex Klomhaus, W. Scott Comulada, Susana A. López, Eraka Bath, Bita Amani, Bronwyn Myers, Alan Semaan, Norweeta G. Milburn

07-03-2022 | Original Paper

Family-of-Origin Factors and Physical Teen Dating Violence Victimization and Perpetration: A Meta-Analysis
Sarah K. Emanuels, Michelle L. Toews, Chelsea M. Spencer, Kristin M. Anders

Open Access 15-03-2022 | Original Paper

Interparental Conflict Appraisals and Adolescents’ Maladaptation in Siblings: An Actor-Partner Interdependence Model
Laura Merino, Marta Herrero, Ana Martínez-Pampliega

Open Access 22-04-2022 | Original Paper

Effects of the SPARK Teen Mentoring Program for High School Students
Amy L. Green, Stephen Ferrante, Timothy L. Boaz, Krista Kutash, Brooke Wheeldon-Reece

13-04-2022 | Original Paper

Exploring the Construct of Perceived Burdensomeness Among Suicidal Adolescents: An Intervention Development Study
Lucas Zullo, Hayden Mbroh, Alexandra Moorehead, Simon Craddock Lee, Betsy D. Kennard, Sunita M. Stewart

02-02-2022 | Original Article

The Associations between Mobile Media use and Food Consumption in Parent-Child Dyads
Jiahui Lu, Ysa Marie Cayabyab, Shelly Malik, May Oo Lwin

Open Access 23-09-2021 | Original Paper

A Qualitative Study on Children’s Digital Media Use and Parents’ Self-interest
Suzanne M. Geurts, Ina M. Koning, Helen Vossen, Regina J.J.M. Van den Eijnden

12-10-2021 | Original Paper

Handheld Devices: The Barrier for Parents with Mental Health Difficulties in Child Outcomes
Nghi H. Bui, Marilyn Cruickshank, John McAloon, Jane Maguire

23-11-2021 | Original Paper

Parental Psychological Control and Adolescents’ Problematic Mobile Phone Use: The Serial Mediation of Basic Psychological Need Experiences and Negative Affect
Xiaonan Yao, Junhui Wu, Zhen Guo, Ying Yang, Mengyuan Zhang, Yudi Zhao, Yu Kou

Open Access 19-02-2022 | Original Paper

Feasibility and Acceptability of Technology-supported Sexual Health Education Among Adolescents Receiving Inpatient Psychiatric Care
Allison E. Olmsted, Christine M. Markham, Ross Shegog, Ana M. Ugueto, Erica L. Johnson, Melissa F. Peskin, Susan T. Emery, Kimberley A. Baker, Elizabeth W. Newlin

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