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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Uitgave 2/2015

Inhoudsopgave (19 Artikelen)

Mediators of behavior change resulting from a sexual risk reduction intervention for STI patients, Cape Town, South Africa

Eileen V. Pitpitan, Seth C. Kalichman, Randi L. Garcia, Demetria Cain, Lisa A. Eaton, Leickness C. Simbayi

The importance of perceived stress management skills for patients with prostate cancer in active surveillance

Betina Yanez, Natalie E. Bustillo, Michael H. Antoni, Suzanne C. Lechner, Jason Dahn, Bruce Kava, Frank J. Penedo

Disentangling Multiple Sclerosis and depression: an adjusted depression screening score for patient-centered care

Douglas D. Gunzler, Adam Perzynski, Nathan Morris, Robert Bermel, Steven Lewis, Deborah Miller

Open Access

The effect of a supplementary (‘gist-based’) information leaflet on colorectal cancer knowledge and screening intention: a randomized controlled trial

Samuel G. Smith, Rosalind Raine, Austin Obichere, Michael S. Wolf, Jane Wardle, Christian von Wagner

Depressive symptoms and carotid intima–media thickness in South American Hispanics: results from the PREVENCION study

Diana A. Chirinos, Josefina Medina-Lezama, Belissa Salinas-Najarro, William Arguelles, Maria M. Llabre, Neil Schneiderman, Roberto Paz-Manrique, Juan F. Bolanos, Zubair Khan, Julio A. Chirinos

Volitional processes and daily smoking: examining inter- and intraindividual associations around a quit attempt

Corina Berli, Sibylle Ochsner, Gertraud Stadler, Nina Knoll, Rainer Hornung, Urte Scholz

How risky is it to use e-cigarettes? Smokers’ beliefs about their health risks from using novel and traditional tobacco products

Jessica K. Pepper, Sherry L. Emery, Kurt M. Ribisl, Christine M. Rini, Noel T. Brewer

Can behavioral theory inform the understanding of depression and medication nonadherence among HIV-positive substance users?

Jessica F. Magidson, Alyson Listhaus, C. J. Seitz-Brown, Steven A. Safren, C. W. Lejuez, Stacey B. Daughters

Stress, depression and medication nonadherence in diabetes: test of the exacerbating and buffering effects of family support

Lindsay Satterwhite Mayberry, Leonard E. Egede, Julie A. Wagner, Chandra Y. Osborn

Chronic pain, body mass index and cardiovascular disease risk factors: tests of moderation, unique and shared relationships in the Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation (SWAN)

John W. Burns, Phillip J. Quartana, Stephen Bruehl, Imke Janssen, Sheila A. Dugan, Bradley Appelhans, Karen A. Matthews, Howard M. Kravitz