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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Uitgave 1/2024

Inhoudsopgave (16 Artikelen)

Dimensional and social comparisons in a health fitness context

Jason P. Rose, Keith A. Edmonds, Chloe N. Beeler

Open Access

Self-guided digital acceptance and commitment therapy for fibromyalgia management: results of a randomized, active-controlled, phase II pilot clinical trial

Stephanie Catella, R. Michael Gendreau, Allison C. Kraus, Nicolette Vega, Michael J. Rosenbluth, Sherry Soefje, Shishuka Malhotra, Juan V. Luciano, Lance M. McCracken, David A. Williams, Lesley M. Arnold

Does a multimodal prehabilitation program improve sleep quality and duration in patients undergoing colorectal resection for cancer? Pilot randomized control trial

Sarah Atoui, Francesco Carli, Paquito Bernard, Lawrence Lee, Barry Stein, Patrick Charlebois, A. Sender Liberman

Assessing the interrelationship between asthma and obesity self-management behaviors

Nikita Agrawal, Jenny L. Lin, Jyoti Ankam, Fernando Holguin, Juan P. Wisnivesky, Alex Federman

Global stress and daily general and type 1 diabetes stressors and links to daily affect and diabetes outcomes during emerging adulthood

Cynthia A. Berg, Eunjin Lee Tracy, Silas B. Boggess, Jonathan E. Butner, Maria D. Ramirez Loyola, Deborah J. Wiebe

Yoga practice can reduce metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular risk in climacteric women

Laura Alves Cota e Souza, Thiago Magalhães Gouvea, Francielle Caroline Fernandes, Maria Ruth Gonçalves Gaede Carrillo, Vanja Maria Veloso, Ariosvaldo Figueiredo Santos Filho, Angélica Alves Lima

Impact of social connectedness on weight loss outcomes in an online program

Carnisha M. Gilder, Amy A. Gorin, Tania Huedo-Medina, Kristen Cooksey-Stowers, Jeanne M. McCaffery, Zeely Denmat, Christiana Field, Emily Wyckoff, Jessica LaRose, Kayla O’Connor, Nana Marfo, Tricia M. Leahey

Brief Report

Self-control and grit: associations with weight management and healthy habits

Amy A. Gorin, Tricia M. Leahey, Talea Cornelius, Katelyn Bourgea, Theodore A. Powers

Open Access Correction

Correction to: The association between neighborhood conditions and weight loss among older adults living in a large urban city

Sage J. Kim, Jamine R Blesoff, Lisa Tussing-Humphreys, Marian L Fitzgibbon, Caryn E Peterson