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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

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Understanding the physical activity needs and interests of inactive and active rural women: a cross-sectional study of barriers, opportunities, and intervention preferences

Despite the health benefits of physical activity, many women remain inactive and the needs of rural women are understudied. To understand access to physical activity barriers, opportunities, and intervention preferences in rural women and …


Do accelerometer-based physical activity patterns differentially affect cardiorespiratory fitness? A growth mixture modeling approach

Findings on the association between cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) may be distorted if patterns of accumulated MVPA over a week exist but are ignored. Our aim was to identify MVPA patterns and to …


Conceptualization, measurement, and effects of pregnancy-specific stress: review of research using the original and revised Prenatal Distress Questionnaire

Pregnancy-specific stress (PSS) arises from the numerous changes that women experience during pregnancy and from their concerns about childbirth and the health of their offspring. Prolonged or elevated maternal stress heightens risk for poor …


HIV microaggressions: a novel measure of stigma-related experiences among people living with HIV

Since the beginning of the HIV epidemic stigma has served as a strong barrier to effectively delivering HIV prevention and treatment. Due in part to its complex nature, stigma is difficult to address and novel methods of understanding stigma are …


How trauma influences cardiovascular responses to stress: contributions of posttraumatic stress and cognitive appraisals

Mechanisms for the association between posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and cardiovascular diseases remain poorly understood. The present study examined associations among PTSD symptoms, appraisals of a current stressor, baseline …

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The Journal of Behavioral Medicine is a broadly conceived interdisciplinary publication devoted to furthering understanding of physical health and illness through the knowledge and techniques of behavioral science. A significant function of the journal is the application of this knowledge to prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. The contents span all areas of behavioral medicine research: psychology, psychiatry, sociology, epidemiology, anthropology, health economics, public health, general medicine, and biostatistics.

Coverage includes effects of psychological stress on physical functioning; sociocultural influences on health and illness; adherence to medical regimens and health maintenance behavior (e.g. exercise, nutrition); the study of appetitive disorders (alcoholism, smoking and obesity) that pose physical risk; behavioral factors in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS; pain, self-regulation therapies and biofeedback for somatic disorders; and brain-behavioral relationships that influence physiological function.

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