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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 12/2015

Uitgave 12/2015

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11-02-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Pacific Father Involvement and Early Child Behaviour Outcomes: Findings from the Pacific Islands Families Study

El-Shadan Tautolo, Philip J. Schluter, Janis Paterson

13-02-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

The Moderating Roles of Parenting Self-Efficacy and Co-parenting Alliance on Marital Satisfaction Among Chinese Fathers and Mothers

Roger W. H. Kwan, Sylvia Y. C. L. Kwok, Chloe C. Y. Ling

18-02-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

The Influence of Co-offending Within a Moderated Mediation Model of Parent and Peer Predictors of Delinquency

Morgan E. Dynes, Sarah E. Domoff, Sarah Hassan, Carolyn J. Tompsett, Kelly E. Amrhein

20-03-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Transforming Parent–Child Interaction in Family Routines: Longitudinal Analysis with Families of Children with Developmental Disabilities

Joseph M. Lucyshyn, Brenda Fossett, Roger Bakeman, Christy Cheremshynski, Lynn Miller, Sharon Lohrmann, Lauren Binnendyk, Sophia Khan, Stephen Chinn, Samantha Kwon, Larry K. Irvin

03-03-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

How Similar are Mothers and Fathers of Young Children in Their Parenting Responses and Goals?

Catherine A. Horvath, Catherine M. Lee, Karen Bax

17-02-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Impacts of Children’s Delinquency on Maternal Distress Among Low-Income Families: Postmodern Theoretical Perspective

Yawo Bessa, Flavia Eldemire, Komla Pleth-Suka

20-02-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Offending Behaviour Among Young People with Complex Needs in the Australian Out-of-Home Care System

Catia Gaetana Malvaso, Paul Delfabbro

22-02-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Emotion Socialization Mechanisms Linking Chinese Fathers’, Mothers’, and Children’s Emotion Regulation: A Moderated Mediation Model

Zhuo Rachel Han, Jing Qian, Mengyu Gao, Jianhui Dong

15-03-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Development and Validation of a Quantitative Measure for Chinese Sources of Parental Meaning

Siu-Ming To

21-03-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Relationship Between Diagnosis of ADHD in Offspring and Current and Retrospective Self-Reports of Parental ADHD

Sirel Karakaş, Emel Erdoğan Bakar, Elvin Doğutepe Dinçer, Hatice Ülsever, Arzu Özkan Ceylan, Yasemen Işık Taner

20-03-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Perceived Mental Health, Behavioral, and Adaptive Needs for Children in Medical Foster Care

Julia Ogg, Mario Montesino, Deborah Kozdras, Renee Ornduff, Gary Yu Hin Lam, Jennifer Takagishi

24-03-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Conflict and Dominance Between Siblings as Predictors of Children’s Peer Victimization

Melissa A. Faith, L. Christian Elledge, Rebecca A. Newgent, Timothy A. Cavell

27-03-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Marital Quality over the Transition to Parenthood as a Predictor of Coparenting

Caroline Christopher, Tomo Umemura, Tanya Mann, Deborah Jacobvitz, Nancy Hazen

09-05-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015 Open Access

Parenting and Children’s Internalizing Symptoms: How Important are Parents?

Cathy M. van der Sluis, Francisca J. A. van Steensel, Susan M. Bögels

01-04-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Embracing Each Other and Growing Together: Redefining the Meaning of Caregiving a Child with Disabilities

Yoon-Joo Lee, Hye Jun Park, Susan L. Recchia

16-04-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Measuring the Parenting Practices of Custodial Grandmothers

Gregory C. Smith, William Merchant, Bert Hayslip Jr., Gregory R. Hancock, Frederick Strieder, Julian Montoro-Rodriguez

04-04-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Parent–Child Connectedness Mediates the Association Between Marital Conflict and Children’s Internalizing/Externalizing Outcomes

Scott R. Braithwaite, Emily Steele, Kersti Spjut, Krista K. Dowdle, James Harper

05-04-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

A Review of Family Engagement Measures for Adolescent Substance Use Services

Robert Hock, Mary Ann Priester, Aidyn L. Iachini, Teri Browne, Dana DeHart, Stephanie Clone

07-04-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Attachment Style and Relationship Difficulties in Parents of Children with ADHD

Antigonos Sochos, Fatahyah Yahya

12-04-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Coping as a Mediator Between Negative Life Events and Eudaimonic Well-Being in Female Adolescents

Carol I. Bryden, Ashlee M. Field, Andrew J. P. Francis

11-04-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Investigating Relationships Between Paternal Perception of the Role of the Father and Paternal Feeding Practices

Rachel L. Vollmer, Kari Adamsons, Jaime S. Foster, Amy R. Mobley

09-04-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

The Perceived Role of Parental Support and Pressure in the Interplay of Test Anxiety and School Engagement Among Adolescents: Evidence for Gender-Specific Relations

Diana Raufelder, Frances Hoferichter, Tobias Ringeisen, Nicola Regner, Christina Jacke

08-04-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Parenting Adolescents: Developing Strategies for FIFO Parents

Leanne Lester, Stacey Waters, Barbara Spears, Melanie Epstein, Jacinth Watson, Elizabeth Wenden

11-04-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Identifying Heightened Risk for Posttraumatic Symptoms Among Maltreated Youth

Emma H. Ross, Christopher A. Kearney

09-04-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Prevalence of Mental Health Problems and Service Use Among First-Time Juvenile Offenders

Jeffrey D. Burke, Edward P. Mulvey, Carol A. Schubert

26-04-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Protecting Children After a Divorce: Efficacy of Egokitzen—An Intervention Program for Parents on Children’s Adjustment

Ana Martínez-Pampliega, Verónica Aguado, Susana Corral, Susana Cormenzana, Laura Merino, Leire Iriarte

17-04-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Associations Among Supportive Coparenting, Father Engagement and Attachment: The Role of Race/Ethnicity

Sangita Pudasainee-Kapri, Rachel A. Razza

16-04-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

The Effect of Teach One Reach One (TORO) on Youth Acceptance of Couple Violence

Tiarney D. Ritchwood, Tashuna Albritton, Aletha Y. Akers, Gaurav Dave, Dana Carthron, Adaora A. Adimora, Giselle Corbie-Smith, Project GRACE

19-04-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Marital Conflict of Chinese American Immigrant Couples: A Mediator of Socioeconomic Incorporation and Children’s Behavioral Problems

Xiaowei Li, Qing Zhou, Ke Hou

17-04-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 12/2015

Convergent Validity of the Behavioral and Emotional Rating Scale for Youth in Community Mental Health Settings

Matthew C. Lambert, Stacy-Ann A. January, Michael H. Epstein, Mary Spooner, Tesfayi Gebreselassie, Robert L. Stephens

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