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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 4/2017

Uitgave 4/2017

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20-10-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Patient-reported outcome measures in older people with hip fracture: a systematic review of quality and acceptability

K. L. Haywood, J. Brett, E. Tutton, S. Staniszewska

13-10-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Assessment of quality of life in advanced, metastatic prostate cancer: an overview of randomized phase III trials

Krzysztof Adamowicz

27-09-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

The importance of considering differential item functioning in investigating the impact of chronic conditions on health-related quality of life in a multi-ethnic Asian population

Edimansyah Abdin, Mythily Subramaniam, Louisa Picco, Shirlene Pang, Janhavi Ajit Vaingankar, Shazana Shahwan, Vathsala Sagayadevan, Yunjue Zhang, Siow Ann Chong

03-10-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Testing whether patients with diabetes and healthy people perceive the meaning of the items in the Persian version of the SF-36 questionnaire similarly: a differential item functioning analysis

Zahra Bagheri, Peyman Jafari, Marzieh Mahmoodi, Mohammad Hossein Dabbaghmanesh

08-10-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

When global rating of change contradicts observed change: Examining appraisal processes underlying paradoxical responses over time

Carolyn E. Schwartz, Victoria E. Powell, Bruce D. Rapkin

03-10-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Oral health-related quality of life in youth receiving cleft-related surgery: self-report and proxy ratings

Hillary L. Broder, Maureen Wilson-Genderson, Lacey Sischo

15-10-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017 Open Access

Impact of neurocognitive deficits on patient–proxy agreement regarding health-related quality of life in low-grade glioma patients

Divine E. Ediebah, Jaap C. Reijneveld, Martin J. B. Taphoorn, Corneel Coens, Efstathios Zikos, Neil K. Aaronson, Jan J. Heimans, Andrew Bottomley, Martin Klein, on behalf of the EORTC Quality of Life Department and Patient Reported Outcome and Behavioral Evidence (PROBE)

14-10-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Diagnostic accuracy of parents’ ratings of their child’s oral health-related quality of life

Daniel R. Reissmann, Mike T. John, Darius Sagheri, Ira Sierwald

23-09-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Mindful creativity matters: trajectories of reported functioning after severe traumatic brain injury as a function of mindful creativity in patients’ relatives: a multilevel analysis

Chiara S. Haller, Colin M. Bosma, Kush Kapur, Ross Zafonte, Ellen J. Langer

01-09-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Acceptance and patient functioning in chronic pain: the mediating role of physical activity

Saetbyeol Jeong, Sungkun Cho

06-09-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

The utility of patient-reported outcome measures among patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome

Kyle W. Murdock, Xin Shelley Wang, Qiuling Shi, Charles S. Cleeland, Christopher P. Fagundes, Suzanne D. Vernon

12-09-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

A community-based cross-sectional study of sleep quality in middle-aged and older adults

Hui-Shan Zhang, Yuan Li, Hai-yun Mo, De-Xing Qiu, Jing Zhao, Jia-Li Luo, Wei-Quan Lin, Jia-Ji Wang, Pei-Xi Wang

22-09-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Neonatal treatment philosophy in Dutch and German NICUs: health-related quality of life in adulthood of VP/VLBW infants

Linda D. Breeman, Sylvia van der Pal, Gijsbert H. W. Verrips, Nicole Baumann, Peter Bartmann, Dieter Wolke

22-09-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Mental health and health-related quality of life of Chinese college students who were the victims of dating violence

Edmond P. H. Choi, Janet Y. H. Wong, Daniel Y. T. Fong

27-09-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Dating violence, quality of life and mental health in sexual minority populations: a path analysis

Janet Yuen-Ha Wong, Edmond Pui-Hang Choi, Herman Hay-Ming Lo, Wendy Wong, Jasmine Hin-Man Chio, Anna Wai-Man Choi, Daniel Yee-Tak Fong

26-09-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Assessment of health-related quality of life, mental health status and psychological distress based on the type of pharmacotherapy used among patients with depression

Drishti Shah, Varun Vaidya, Amit Patel, Mary Borovicka, Monica-Holiday Goodman

01-10-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Change in physical function among women as they age: findings from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health

Lucy Leigh, Julie E. Byles, Gita D. Mishra

04-10-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Health-related quality of life in patients with serious non-specific symptoms undergoing evaluation for possible cancer and their experience during the process: a mixed methods study

E. Moseholm, S. Rydahl-Hansen, B. Ø. Lindhardt, M. D. Fetters

01-10-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Effects of horticulture therapy on nursing home older adults in southern Taiwan

Ya-Fang Yao, Kuei-Min Chen

14-10-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Gastrointestinal symptoms predictors of health-related quality of life in pediatric patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders

James W. Varni, Robert J. Shulman, Mariella M. Self, Samuel Nurko, Miguel Saps, Shehzad A. Saeed, Ashish S. Patel, Chelsea Vaughan Dark, Cristiane B. Bendo, John F. Pohl, on behalf of the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory™ Gastrointestinal Symptoms Module Testing Study Consortium

22-10-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

“Life is at a standstill” Quality of life after lower extremity trauma in Malawi

Racquel E. Kohler, Jared Tomlinson, Tiyamike Eletima Chilunjika, Sven Young, Mina Hosseinipour, Clara N. Lee

18-10-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Health-related quality of life associated with systemic corticosteroids

Patrick W. Sullivan, Vahram H. Ghushchyan, Gary Globe, Brandon Sucher

20-10-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Quality of life in people aged 65+ in Europe: associated factors and models of social welfare—analysis of data from the SHARE project (Wave 5)

Josep L. Conde-Sala, Cristina Portellano-Ortiz, Laia Calvó-Perxas, Josep Garre-Olmo

19-09-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017

Validation of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM-13) among adults with cardiac conditions in Singapore

Bi Xia Ngooi, Tanya L. Packer, George Kephart, Grace Warner, Karen Wei Ling Koh, Raymond Ching Chiew Wong, Serene Peiying Lim

18-10-2016 | Uitgave 4/2017 Open Access

Testing the psychometric properties of Kidscreen-27 with Irish children of low socio-economic status

Stephen Shannon, Gavin Breslin, Ben Fitzpatrick, Donncha Hanna, Deirdre Brennan

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