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Mindfulness 11/2022

Uitgave 11/2022


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Open Access 05-09-2022 | REVIEW

Effects of Mindfulness-Based Interventions on Peer Relationships of Children and Adolescents: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Xiaolu Dai, Nan Du, Songyun Shi, Shuang Lu

09-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Overall and Differential Attrition in Mindfulness-Based Interventions: a Meta-Analysis
Sin U Lam, Andrew Kirvin-Quamme, Simon B. Goldberg

Open Access 16-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Effects of Mobile App-Based Mindfulness Practice on Healthcare Workers: a Randomized Active Controlled Trial
Shian-Ling Keng, Joseph Wei Ern Chin, Maleyka Mammadova, Irene Teo

Open Access 28-06-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Energy Practices and Mindfulness Meditation
Bhikkhu Anālayo, Christiane Steffens-Dhaussy, Fred Gallo, Dawn Scott

24-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

A Contemporary Model for Right Mindfulness Based on Theravada Buddhist Texts
Piyal Walpola, Ishan Walpola, Tony Toneatto

10-10-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Relationship Between Negative Affect, State Mindfulness, and the Role of Personality
Johannes A. Karl, Ronald Fischer

Open Access 12-10-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mindfulness and Nonattachment-To-Self in Athletes: Can Letting Go Build Well-being and Self-actualization?
Kelsey J. Lewis, Courtney C. Walton, Gavin R. Slemp, Margaret S. Osborne

29-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

A Pilot Study Testing the Effectiveness of a Mindfulness-Based Program for Portuguese School Children
Sofia Magalhães, Tânia Nunes, Inês Soeiro, Rui Rodrigues, António Coelho, Marisa Pinheiro, São Luís Castro, Teresa Leal, Teresa Limpo

Open Access 28-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Impact of a Mindfulness App on Postnatal Distress
Katie A. Bear, Carol C. Barber, Oleg N. Medvedev

30-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Mutual Role of Mindful Parenting on Parents’ Subjective Well-being and Young Children’s Emotional Regulation Through Reducing Perceived Parenting Daily Hassles
Wenjuan Zhang, Tong Liu, Suge Zhang, Xiaowei Li

30-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Reducing Depressive Symptomatology in a Community Sample of Individuals with Adjustment Disorders: Exploring the Role of Pain in Treatment Response
Miguel Gárriz, Víctor Pérez, Adrián Pérez-Aranda, Juan Castaño, Francesc Colom, Irene Canosa-García, Natalia Gandara, Luis Miguel Martin-López, Matilde Elices

22-10-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Trait Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation Responsiveness to Negative Affect in Daily Life
Megan E. Fisher, Elizabeth Duraney, Katherine Friess, Patrick Whitmoyer, Rebecca Andridge, Ruchika Shaurya Prakash

Open Access 07-10-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Enhancing Parental Well-being: Initial Efficacy of a 21-Day Online Self-help Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Parents
Rebecca Y. M. Cheung, Stanley K. C. Chan, Harold Chui, Wing Man Chan, Sammy Y. S. Ngai

11-10-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

A Brief Psychoeducational Sexual Mindfulness Intervention to Bolster Sexual Well-Being
Samantha J. Dawson, Greta E. Jang, Simone Y. Goldberg

05-10-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Individual Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Major Depression: a Feasibility Study
Sabrina Paterniti, Kelley Raab, Irit Sterner, Kelsey C. Collimore, Connie Dalton, Jean-Claude Bisserbe

12-10-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Bidirectional Longitudinal Relationship Between Chinese Children’s Paternal and Maternal Attachment and Self-Compassion
Ruibo Xie, Die Wang, Wei Wu, Zhifan Yuan, Xiuyun Lin, Weijian Li, Wan Ding

21-10-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Effect of Mindfulness Programs on Collegiate Test Anxiety
Nathaniel P. Priebe, Beth E. Kurtz-Costes

12-10-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Examining the Factorial Structure, Reliability, and Predictive Validity of the Portuguese Version of the Child and Adolescent Mindfulness Measure (CAMM)
Teresa Limpo, Isabel Rasteiro, Sandra Aguiar, Sofia Magalhães


A Randomized Controlled Study of a French Compassionate Mind Training
Isabelle Leboeuf, Eva Andreotti, Chris Irons, Elaine Beaumont, Pascal Antoine

04-10-2022 | BOOK REVIEW

John Teasdale: What Happens in Mindfulness: Inner Awakening and Embodied Cognition. Guilford, New York, 2022, 268 pp
Rebecca S. Crane

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