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Mindfulness 10/2022

Uitgave 10/2022


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30-08-2022 | REVIEW

Economic Evaluations of Mindfulness-Based Interventions: a Systematic Review
Lingling Zhang, Snehal Lopes, Tara Lavelle, Karyn Ogata Jones, Liwei Chen, Meenu Jindal, Heidi Zinzow, Lu Shi

19-08-2022 | REVIEW

Effectiveness of Mobile-Based Mindfulness Interventions in Improving Mindfulness Skills and Psychological Outcomes for Adults: a Systematic Review and Meta-regression
Zhen Yang A. Tan, Sai Ho Wong, Ling Jie Cheng, Siew Tiang Lau

15-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement for Addictive Behavior, Psychiatric Distress, and Chronic Pain: A Multilevel Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
Anna Parisi, R. Lynae Roberts, Adam W. Hanley, Eric L. Garland

17-06-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Education and Mindfulness: an Early Buddhist Contribution to the Ongoing Dialog
Bhikkhu Anālayo

23-08-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Examining the Cultural Consensus on Beliefs About Mindfulness Among US College-Attending Young Adults
Natalia Van Doren, Zita Oravecz, José A. Soto, Robert W. Roeser

Open Access 24-08-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

No Effects of a Brief Mindfulness Intervention on Controlled Motivation and Amotivation, but Effect Moderation Through Trait Mindfulness: a Randomized Controlled Trial
Sandra Oberleiter, Hannah Wainig, Martin Voracek, Ulrich S. Tran

12-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Biomarker Response to Mindfulness Intervention in Veterans Diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Itamar Shapira, Joshua Richman, Thaddeus W. W. Pace, Kelvin O. Lim, Melissa A. Polusny, Mark B. Hamner, J. Douglas Bremner, Mercy N. Mumba, M. Lindsey Jacobs, Patricia Pilkinton, Lori L. Davis

05-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Nonattachment at Work on Well-being Among Working Adults in Hong Kong
Emily W. S. Tsoi, Alan C. Y. Tong, Winnie W. S. Mak

08-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mindfulness for Reducing Minority Stress and Promoting Health Among Sexual Minority Men: Uncovering Intervention Principles and Techniques
Shufang Sun, Arryn A. Guy, David G. Zelaya, Don Operario

Open Access 20-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Shifting Baselines: Longitudinal Reductions in EEG Beta Band Power Characterize Resting Brain Activity with Intensive Meditation
Alea C. Skwara, Brandon G. King, Anthony P. Zanesco, Clifford D. Saron

Open Access 29-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

A Feasibility Study of a Program Integrating Mindfulness, Yoga, Positive Psychology, and Emotional Intelligence in Tertiary-Level Student Musicians
L. Javier Bartos, María J. Funes, Marc Ouellet, M. Pilar Posadas, Maarten A. Immink, Chris Krägeloh

Open Access 28-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Dose–response Relationship of Reported Lifetime Meditation Practice with Mental Health and Wellbeing: a Cross-sectional Study
Nicholas I. Bowles, Jonathan N. Davies, Nicholas T. Van Dam

21-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Longitudinal Relationship Between Emotional Exhaustion and Self-compassion in Adolescent Students
Yanyu Chen, Baoshan Zhang, Yibo Hu

Open Access 27-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Meditative State Scale (MSS): Psychometric Validation and Exploration of Gamma-Band Correlates
Elena López, Rafael Jódar, Lucía Halty, Raquel Rodríguez-Carvajal

15-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Self-compassion, Mindfulness, Stress, and Self-esteem Among Vietnamese University Students: Psychological Well-being and Positive Emotion as Mediators
Minh Anh Quang Tran, Tan Vo-Thanh, Mohammad Soliman, Bassam Khoury, Nguyen Ngoc Thao Chau

27-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Flow Meditation Improves Emotion Regulation and Pain Management in Female Fibromyalgia Patients
Alberto Amutio, Clemente Franco, Encarnación Soriano-Ayala, William Van Gordon

Open Access 06-10-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Therapeutic Process of Change During Participation in the Parents Under Pressure Program for a Cohort of Parents Who Misuse Substances
Elizabeth Eggins, Matthew J. Gullo, Paul Harnett, Jane Barlow, Vicki Jackson-Hollis, Richard Cotmore, Sharon Dawe

Open Access 17-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Effects of an Online Mindfulness Intervention on Emotion Regulation upon Autobiographical Memory Retrieval in Depression Remission: a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial
Aleksandra E. Isham, Adriana del Palacio-Gonzalez, Barbara Dritschel

19-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

What Happens When You Smoke a Cigarette Mindfully? A Deductive Qualitative Study
Min-Jeong Yang, Dana Ketcher, Katie Witkiewitz, Marina Unrod, Sana Baban, David W. Wetter, Christine Vinci

20-09-2022 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Motivation for Meditation and Its Association with Meditation Practice in a National Sample of Internet Users
Zishan Jiwani, Sin U Lam, Richard J. Davidson, Simon B. Goldberg

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