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Psychological Research

Uitgave 6/2023

Inhoudsopgave (23 Artikelen)


The social roots of self development: from a bodily to an intellectual interpersonal dialogue

Chiara Fini, Lara Bardi, Dimitris Bolis, Martina Fusaro, Matteo P. Lisi, Arthur Henri Michalland, Vanessa Era

Original Article

Altered processing of conflicting body representations in women with restrictive anorexia nervosa

Gabriele Fusco, S. Ciccarone, M. Petrucci, B. Cozzani, G. Vercelli, A. Cotugno, I. Bufalari

Open Access Original Article

Developmental and age differences in visuomotor adaptation across the lifespan

Marit F. L. Ruitenberg, Vincent Koppelmans, Rachael D. Seidler, Judith Schomaker

Original Article

To ask or not to ask: strategic recall, but not spontaneous recall, decreases by the passage of time in 46-month-olds’ memory of a unique event

Trine Sonne, Toril S. Jensen, Osman S. Kingo, Dorthe Berntsen, Peter Krøjgaard

Original Article

Previous experiences can influence individual cricket spin bowlers’ perceptions of affordances in the performance landscape

Rian H. Crowther, Ian Renshaw, Wayne A. Spratford, Mark G. Sayers, Adam D. Gorman

Open Access Original Article

Empowering episodic memory through a model-based egocentric navigational training

Agustina Fragueiro, Annalisa Tosoni, Rosalia Di Matteo, Giorgia Committeri

Open Access Original Article

Motor demands influence conflict processing in a mouse-tracking Simon task

Victor Mittelstädt, Hartmut Leuthold, Ian Grant Mackenzie

Open Access Original Article

Manual action re-planning interferes with the maintenance process of working memory: an ERP investigation

Rumeysa Gunduz Can, Thomas Schack, Dirk Koester

Open Access Original Article

Investigating task preparation and task performance as triggers of the backward inhibition effect

Laura Joy Prosser, Motonori Yamaguchi, Rachel Swainson

Original Article

Time distortions induced by high-arousing emotional compared to low-arousing neutral faces: an event-related potential study

Maryam Hosseini Houripasand, Saied Sabaghypour, Farhad Farkhondeh Tale Navi, Mohammad Ali Nazari

Original Article

The effect of background sounds on mind wandering

Klodin Alali-Morlevy, Liat Goldfarb

Open Access Original Article

Individual differences in resilience to stress are associated with affective flexibility

Lena Rademacher, Dominik Kraft, Cindy Eckart, Christian J. Fiebach

Open Access Original Article

EPELI: a novel virtual reality task for the assessment of goal-directed behavior in real-life contexts

Erik Seesjärvi, Jasmin Puhakka, Eeva T. Aronen, Alexandra Hering, Sascha Zuber, Liya Merzon, Matthias Kliegel, Matti Laine, Juha Salmi

Open Access Original Article

The value of banknotes: relevance of size, colour and design

Fernando Ojedo, Pedro Macizo

Original Article

Focused attention: its key role in gaze and arrow cues for determining where attention is directed

Tingkang Zhang, Yunfei Gao, Saisai Hu, Lujian Xiong, Zhijun Cheng, Yanying Tian, Jingjing Zhao, Yonghui Wang

Original Article

Is there a survival processing effect in metacognition?

Dilan Çabuk, Alper Yelimlieş, Çağlar Akçay, Terry Eskenazi