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Psychological Research

Uitgave 3/2016

Exploring the numerical mind by eye-tracking

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Exploring the numerical mind by eye-tracking: a special issue

Matthias Hartmann, Martin H. Fischer

Original Article

Operational momentum and size ordering in preverbal infants

Viola Macchi Cassia, Koleen McCrink, Maria Dolores de Hevia, Valeria Gariboldi, Hermann Bulf

Open Access Original Article

Number line estimation strategies in children with mathematical learning difficulties measured by eye tracking

Jaccoline E. van’t Noordende, Anne H. van Hoogmoed, Willemijn D. Schot, Evelyn H. Kroesbergen

Open Access Original Article

Ocular drift along the mental number line

Andriy Myachykov, Rob Ellis, Angelo Cangelosi, Martin H. Fischer

Original Article

Voluntary eye movements direct attention on the mental number space

Mariagrazia Ranzini, Matteo Lisi, Marco Zorzi

Original Article

Counting is a spatial process: evidence from eye movements

Matthias Hartmann, Fred W. Mast, Martin H. Fischer

Original Article

Dynamic mental number line in simple arithmetic

Xiaodan Yu, Jie Liu, Dawei Li, Hang Liu, Jiaxin Cui, Xinlin Zhou

Original Article

Processing multi-digit numbers: a translingual eye-tracking study

Julia Bahnmueller, Stefan Huber, Hans-Christoph Nuerk, Silke M. Göbel, Korbinian Moeller

Original Article

Tracking practice effects in computation estimation

Dana Ganor-Stern, Nilly Weiss