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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 1/2010

Uitgave 1/2010

Special Section: The Assessment of Emotion Regulation: Improving Construct Validity in Research on Psychopathology in Youth; Guest Editors: Guest Editors: Carl F. Weems and Armando A. Pina

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01-03-2010 | Uitgave 1/2010

The Assessment of Emotion Regulation: Improving Construct Validity in Research on Psychopathology in Youth—An Introduction to the Special Section

Carl F. Weems, Armando A. Pina

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 1/2010

The Factor Structure of Effortful Control and Measurement Invariance Across Ethnicity and Sex in a High-Risk Sample

Michael J. Sulik, Snjezana Huerta, Argero A. Zerr, Nancy Eisenberg, Tracy L. Spinrad, Carlos Valiente, Laura Di Giunta, Armando A. Pina, Natalie D. Eggum, Julie Sallquist, Alison Edwards, Anne Kupfer, Christopher J. Lonigan, Beth M. Phillips, Shauna B. Wilson, Jeanine Clancy-Menchetti, Susan H. Landry, Paul R. Swank, Michael A. Assel, Heather B. Taylor

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 1/2010

Patterns of Emotional Reactivity and Regulation in Children with Anxiety Disorders

Tal Carthy, Netta Horesh, Alan Apter, James J. Gross

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 1/2010 Open Access

Emotion Regulation and Attachment: Unpacking Two Constructs and Their Association

Sara F. Waters, Elita A. Virmani, Ross A. Thompson, Sara Meyer, H. Abigail Raikes, Rachel Jochem

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 1/2010

Concurrent and Longitudinal Links Between Children’s Externalizing Behavior in School and Observed Anger Regulation in the Mother–Child Dyad

Amanda Sheffield Morris, Jennifer S. Silk, Laurence Steinberg, Andrew M. Terranova, Mumbe Kithakye

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 1/2010

Electronic Diaries: A Feasible Method of Assessing Emotional Experiences in Youth?

Cynthia Suveg, Mary Payne, Kristel Thomassin, Marni L. Jacob

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 1/2010

Emotion Regulation and the Anxiety Disorders: An Integrative Review

Josh M. Cisler, Bunmi O. Olatunji, Matthew T. Feldner, John P. Forsyth

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 1/2010

Advances, Problems, and Challenges in the Study of Emotion Regulation: A Commentary

Alison R. Lewis, Richard E. Zinbarg, C. Emily Durbin

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 1/2010

Commentary: Conceptual and Methodological Challenges to the Study of Emotion Regulation and Psychopathology

Susan D. Calkins

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 1/2010

Separation Anxiety and Oppositional Defiant Behavior: Perceived Comorbidity Resulting from Ambiguous Behavioral Items

Paul Hommersen, Charlotte Johnston

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 1/2010

Ruminating on Rumination: are Rumination on Anger and Sadness Differentially Related to Aggression and Depressed Mood?

Maya Peled, Marlene M. Moretti

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 1/2010

Assessment of Behavior Problems in Childhood and Adolescence as Predictors of Early Adult Depression

Rick Kosterman, J. David Hawkins, W. Alex Mason, Todd I. Herrenkohl, Liliana J. Lengua, Elizabeth McCauley

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 1/2010

Halo Effects in Ratings of ADHD and ODD: Identification of Susceptible Symptoms

Cynthia M. Hartung, Elizabeth K. Lefler, Ashley B. Tempel, Monica L. Armendariz, Benjamin A. Sigel, Carolyn S. Little

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 1/2010

Development and Evaluation of the Parental Beliefs about Anxiety Questionnaire

Sarah E. Francis, Bruce F. Chorpita

01-03-2010 | Uitgave 1/2010

Internal Consistencies and Structural Analysis of the MMPI-2 PSY-5 Facet Subscales in Chinese Population

Li Wang, Jianxin Zhang, Zhanbiao Shi, Mingjie Zhou, Zhongquan Li

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